Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | What to Consider When Adding an Office in Your Luxury Home

Some think that adding an office in a luxury home means losing the style and character of the space. This is completely not the case! Adding an office can be extremely functional for those who live in the space while still complementing the existing décor. These are a few things to consider adding to an office space when consulting a luxury interior interior designer

Use furniture that would still work well in other areas of the home. Office furniture doesn’t have to look like it came straight from work. Choose rich woods, coordinating fabrics, and unique items to set off the space. Oversized chairs are also wonderful for these spaces because they allow comfort and coziness while reading for work or enjoyment.

Have modern electronics fit in with timeless design using built-ins and custom furniture. Custom pieces can be a problem solving way to include existing styles and electronics when designing a home office. Custom pieces can also serve as storage for files, office supplies, and other things that one would need to work.

Have your office work double duty as a space for other family members. Adding bookshelves for family favorites, additional tables for board games, and plenty of comfortable cushions allow others to use the space as a quiet, relaxing place to focus on tasks. Be sure to take note of other needs your family might have for a quiet workspace when discussing with your designer.

Office spaces can be beautiful, yet functional, spaces for the whole family. Be sure to hire a knowledgeable luxury interior designer for the job when redesigning or adding an office . Perla Lichi specializes in designing luxury spaces that take into account the client’s needs. You’re sure to get a custom, luxury space you love when you use Perla Lichi.