Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | What Is Wabi-Sabi Style of Décor?

Interior design is a large field which encompasses various ideas and styles from different parts of the world. Be it minimalism or modern-chic, each style of décor features distinct characteristics and gives a different personality to your interiors. One such style which is gradually becoming a celebrated style of décor among interior designers is Wabi-Sabi.

Let’s find out more about this unique décor style.

Meaning & Origin

Wabi-Sabi is a combination of two words. Wabi means simplicity, modesty and living with nature. Sabi means the beauty of natural growth cycles, decay, transience, and authenticity. The concept of wabi-sabi originated in Japan. There is no specific definition of this concept, but broadly speaking, it is about celebrating nature to create a calmer and uncluttered home.

Wabi-Sabi is nailing the latest interior design trend in your home décor with ‘not-so-perfect’ additions. The idea of this style circulates around creating a livable ambience that soothes your mind and calms your soul with nature.

Difference from Minimalism

Minimalism and Wabi-Sabi may seem similar but differ on many grounds. Minimalism is about ‘less is more’ while symmetry takes the centre stage, whereas wabi-sabi has only an essence of minimalism. Characteristics of this Japanese style of décor include asymmetry, natural objects and processes. Unlike minimalism that eliminates messiness, wabi-sabi is about embracing messiness as a part of everyday life and making the place more relaxed and comfortable. It rejects the items found in standard retail stores and encourages decorating with organic materials for a more natural touch.

Principles of Design

The principles of wabi-sabi style focus on keeping things simple and authentic rather than creating a showroom-ready space. Your home should look livable with its natural style and can be cool at the same time. Some of the commonly accepted principles of this Japanese concept are:

1) Declutter

Clutter can break the calm nature of any home. Wabi-Sabi is about removing random things while only keeping useful and functional pieces. Decluttering is not simply confined to removing piles of old newspapers, files or catalogues. It also includes those objects that create a mental and physical block. If you want to decorate your home in wabi-sabi style, then start by clearing the clutter in your home.

2) Use Natural Materials

In Wabi-Sabi style, natural materials are the star of your home décor. Which is why its best to use natural materials in all areas such as interior furnishings, floors, bed sets, and more. Organic items such as wood, stone and wicker age gracefully, thus giving a great and rustic look for which the Wabi-Sabi style is famous for.

3) Choose Earthy Colours

Unlike vibrant colours used by homeowners, wabi-sabi style promotes the use of earthy and tranquil colours. These colours give a soothing appearance to your home and match the natural materials used in your home décor. Choose warmer colours with neutral shades to create a perfect combination for a calm home environment.

Wabi-Sabi is the upcoming sensation in the luxury interior design industry. This style of décor adds a soul to your home and celebrates the beauty of nature in its raw form. Choose this concept for decorating your home for the upcoming New Year and give a natural, yet charming look to your home décor.