Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | Ways to Add Resale Value to Your Luxury Home

luxury home interiorsWhen designing your dream home, you should design with your family’s needs in mind. However, small additions can be made that not only benefit your family, but also add significant resale value to your home. Here are a few things you can add or upgrade in your home to make sure you see a return on investment.

Upgrading kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, and lighting can really make a home feel new and interesting to both current owners and buyers alike. In addition, upgrades like these can really add to how a current owner feels about their home. Making upgrades like these can sometimes make homeowners fall back in love with a space!

Built-ins are big when it comes to added resale value. Custom cabinets and bookshelves not only look aesthetically pleasing, but also add functionality to a space. What’s convenient is that these features are included in most luxury home interiors. New buyers sometimes don’t know what to do with large spaces, so this greatly helps them out when it comes to envisioning what they could do with the space.

Be sure to point out amenities when selling your home. Luxury home buyers like to know if the neighborhood has community clubhouses and 24/7 security. Also, don’t forget to highlight in home amenities, such as pools, spas, wine cellars, and fitness areas. These features can really make or break a sale!

Adding value can be done in many other ways, but choosing to do upgrades can help in the event of resale. Be sure to talk to someone who specializes in luxury home interiors when adding upgrades. They can help you make sure that they will fit in with existing décor and still be functional in the event of a sale. For ideas on how to make luxury upgrades or to completely redesign your space, contact Perla Lichi for exceptional service and design.