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When creating a home’s interior décor there are many key factors of design that you want to pay adequate attention to. As the details of a room are considered and innovative, stylish furniture is put into place it is suggested that the finishing touches are next up on the to-do list.

In the realm of interior design, details are the core to bringing charm and appeal to any room. A quick and easy way to add this touch of elegance is by implementing detail through the use of wallpaper and accessories.

A popular trend seen in the home today, especially new custom-built homes in South Florida is wallpaper that resembles materials that commonly associate with the exterior architecture of a home. Brick, stone and jewel tones are the key to adding “depth, dimension, character and personality to the home,” says Perla Lichi, Top Interior Designer of Fort Lauderdale.

Wallpapers have become incredibly popular nowadays due to the new developments of the material. This once difficult to install and even more difficult to remove design choice is now easy to use and comes in a versatile amount of options of texture, color and designs.

As the walls of the rooms start to come together, details are then needed to make a house into a home. These finishing touches include wall art to vases and everything in between. Accessory pieces include rugs and throws, bowls, display, cases, teapots, candles and more. The most popular home accessories to date have been leaning more towards comfort and sustainability as this year has brought on unprecedented times.

As we continue to stay at home, the home décor trends have veered to be a tranquil escape that makes you feel at peace in your home. Through the use of humble materials, curved sculptures, and calming scents the realm of interior design has been unique to its kind. Making it a key factor of what distinguishes your home from the next while truly reflecting who you are.