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Trends in Home Automation: Sensor Technology

“While plenty of connected smoke alarms are available, Halo is different,” the real estate experts at Zillow report. “It can sense fast and slow-burning fires as well as carbon monoxide levels. And since it’s connected to a weather radio, it can alert you of hurricanes, tornado warnings, and other important weather conditions.”

Many new advancements in home automation are geared toward conservation. “For those especially concerned with water conservation, smart showerheads, like HYDRAO, show you how much water you’re using while showering — changing colors as you use more water,” the Zillow website explains. “You can also find outdoor sprinkler systems that turn off when they detect rain, and have flood sensors to notify you of water leaks.”

Overall, Zillow says the sophistication of home automation will only continue to develop. “In the future, expect to see a focus on sensors that monitor everything from motion, environment, and even your state of health via sound and video tracking.”

The website even reports that you can now get Febreze Home, which they claim is more than an automated air freshener. “It works with the Nest thermostat and your HVAC system to monitor airflow so it knows when to dispense air freshener,” they explain. “And no surprise here: you can schedule it with an app.”

To make sense of all the options, you can rely on Perla Lichi Luxury, one of the leading home interior companies, which offers automation services, as well as project management, space planning and lighting design among its many luxury services and products. Perla herself, known as a high end housing designer, has worked with model home firms and interior design builders to customize countless luxury residences.