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Trends in Home Automation: Appliances

“You’ve already seen robotic floor vacuum systems, like the Roomba,” the real estate experts at Zillow say. “So what’s next? Expect more products that can do more and connect with a home’s smart home hub.”

“No home today is complete without home automation,” says Perla Lichi, an expert in the interior design of luxury homes. “This can include: lighting systems, multi-room music/video systems, invisible speakers, designer theater rooms, acoustical treatments, soundproofing, surveillance and security and more.”

Perhaps the day will come when none of us can live without our laundry-folding robot. The Seven Dreamers’ Laundroid will be on the market soon. “It uses image-recognition algorithms to fold clothing accordingly. Seven Dreamers plans to bring a working model of the Laundroid to the Consumer Electronics Show in 2017, and the technology may be included with some Panasonic washers and dryers by 2018,” Zillow reports.

Zillow also highlights Philips ChefConnect Multicooker. “This device lets you choose a recipe, add ingredients, and then it does everything else for you via its ChefConnect app,” they explain. “From baking to boiling to grilling, it does it all — and also provides nutrition information.”

Among futuristic appliances, Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator clearly made in impression on the experts at Zillow. “Its large touch panel, which Samsung refers to as the ‘digital family command center,’ lets you play music, check your calendar, and leave notes. It will also help you identify the food you need and food you already have, and track item expiration dates.”

From project management through installation of countless design elements – including smart technology, the professionals at Perla Lichi Luxury can bring high end home designs to life.