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Transform Your Living Room Into A Home Theater

Over the past year, there have been growing trends in the interior design realm. Perla Lichi Interior Designer in Fort Lauderdale has seen many homeowners turn a room or area into a dedicated home theater or television room. While Lichi continues to share her interior design advice to clients it is with her greatest recommendation that others are informed.

When transforming an area to be a dedicated television room many factors come into play. When you are home and want to relax, you should style the room for comfort. To do so, Lichi suggests using window treatments with blackout shades to create a movie theater type feel.

Next up on the to-do list is to ensure that the visuals and sound are to par with a theater. In terms of visual, it depends on the size of the screen a homeowner invests in. Televisions are getting larger and larger by the minute so much that Lichi designs wall units as art and architectural details when framing the unit. It is to the owner’s best visual to place the television at a proper distance, so no viewers obtain eye strain. Once the television is properly set up then we can focus on the acoustics, which can be progressed if placed into the walls and the floors are cushioned so the sound does not bounce. If you are not interested in carpet add area rugs instead.

The furniture in the television room or theater needs to be both comfortable and durable. Choosing easy fabrics is important especially if you are eating and drinking in the area. The type of furniture homeowners should purchase includes items that give you a home theater feel. You can include sectionals with recliner cup holders, furniture with a plush feel, and sofas with reclining chairs.

When positioning the furniture in the designated home theater or television room you need to take into account the size and dimensions of the room. If the room is long., create a home theater with steps to add height. Add high back sofas and chairs so you can recline and have neck comfort.

The longevity of the room is the main factor to be considered. Reasonable expectations regarding the lifespan of the TV and room are dependent on the type of television and materials of the furniture. Televisions are upgraded and new technology is introduced. Some people are technology lovers and leave room for upgrades when designing the frame of the screen.

Furniture life span ranges on the usage and care of the fabrics. Lichi prefers her clients to spend more on the furniture than compromising since it is the deciding factor of comfort. This is where Perla Lichi design comes into play by helping homeowners purchase the correct items for there soon to be the favorite room in the house.