Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | Top 5 Evergreen Interior Design Styles

Designing the interiors of a home is more than selecting furniture and colour schemes. It’s about following a theme to give a personality to your home. From modern to contemporary or from minimalist to industrial, there are a variety of interior design styles that express your personal style by adding different elements. Each style differs on the basis of some core aspects such as theme, type of materials used and other thoughtful details.

If you’re planning a home makeover, then stick to an interior design style to simplify your shopping and give a direction to the makeover. Here are the top 5 popular styles that are strongly recommended by famous luxury interior designers because of their evergreen elements. Have a look at them to find out which style perfectly defines your personality.

1) Mid-Century Modern

The modern style of interior design refers to the style followed in the early to mid 20th century. It is characterised by natural shapes, defined lines and creative ways to use different materials. It focuses on simple and functional forms that give a sense of space and clutter-free décor to make the room look larger and brighter. Although the modern style was followed by interior designers of the 20th century, it’s still a popular choice that features many iconic décor pieces used in recent times. While decorating a home according to the modern style, include organic shapes, clean lines, sterile colour schemes, functionality, open floor plans, no overdone embellishments and seamless transitions from interiors to exteriors.

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2) Bohemian

Bohemian style celebrates the beauty of chaos. Its famous because of the carefree style followed to add a variety of elements you wish to bring in your home. This no-rule interior design style defines the adventurous spirit of the homeowner that is perfectly displayed in the home décor. Vibrant colours, rich patterns, vintage furniture, comfortable sitting spaces, glamorous light fixtures and layered textiles are various features that characterise bohemian style. Giving a bohemian look to your home is easy as you can add everything your heart desires and experiment with a wide collection of furniture and furnishings found in flea markets and yard sale.

3) Shabby Chic

The ease of incorporating the core elements on a budget is the primary reason why shabby chic style is a popular choice for interior design. It emphasises on vintage-inspired elements and celebrates the worn out look to give an antique appearance. Linen textiles, older-looking furniture pieces, well-worn rugs, soft and opulent colours, ornate wall hangings and natural flooring are the prominent inclusions of shabby chic style. Incorporating shabby chic in your home will give a softer, more delicate and feminine vibe to the interiors as it focuses on accessories that are more elegant in nature.

4) Industrial

Industrial style, as the name suggests, gives a warehouse-like look to your home. Exposed pipes, ducts and beams, high ceilings, unfinished walls, bare windows and raw furniture pieces define the rustic touch given by industrial style of interior design. It became popular with the trend of converting old factories into studio apartments. The architecture of the room emphasises the use of distressed wooden elements, elaborated ornamentations and exposed cold metals such as copper, tin, iron and steel. This style allows you to create a home which embraces the importance of machines for a living and encourages you to use rough, masculine add-ons.

One thing that makes the industrial style stand out from the rest of the list is the restriction to use primary colours. When you choose to give an industrial look to your home, metallic elements dictate the appearance of your space. Therefore, only those colours are used that complement the overall setup such as grey, dark blue and white.

5) Nautical

If you want to choose something that never goes out of style, its nautical interior design. The relaxed, cottage-like feel perfectly describes the nautical style. White is used as background in this beach-inspired décor and blue works as the complementing, accent colour. The rooms are accessorised with not-so-traditional decorative pieces such as anchors, starfish, seashells and rowing oars. Striped upholstery for sofas paired with nail heads and blue and white printed curtains perfectly characterises this coastal chic style.

There are a variety of interior design styles that are immensely popular because of their unique characteristics. But, these styles are evergreen due to their iconic elements and the fusion of functionality and aesthetics they offer. If you find them suitable for you, contact a reliable interior designer in your area to incorporate them into your home.