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Tips to soothe your space – and mind – at home | Opinion

MAR 26, 2020 | 12:07 PM

Interior designer Perla Lichi suggests adding color to your space by using accent pillows.(Perla Lichi Design / Courtesy)

While this is a time of self-quarantine with a wide range of family members, professional interior designer Perla Lichi has some tips and ideas to change up the ambiance at home and create personal space. With an uncertain amount of time for the current stay-at-home situation, it’s important for family members to feel a soothing effect while maximizing their space. Remember to wipe down and sanitize your belongings.

Set the mood: With time on our side, it’s a great project for all of us to enjoy. Color: This can be simple by adding flowers to the room. Brighten up the room. Swap out pillows or even bring pillows into your core room (main gathering area). Lighting: During the day, bring in the light and at night, be sure to dim lights and close window treatments. Use candles, which can also be an element of aromatherapy, and this changes the mood throughout the home.
Picture frames: Switch out the photos in the picture frames.

Perla Lichi

Gathering area: The gathering area during this time is usually where the TV and kitchen are located. Traditionally, this is a family room setting. Within this area, you will see computer laptops, games and even fitness gadgets. It’s important to keep each item away from the main room and away when not in use. This avoids interfering with the gathering space, especially during TV time.

Workspace: Use a serving tray, box or bin to gather all the items so that they are mobile throughout the home. The tray can hold a laptop, writing utensils, notebooks and file folders. Coffee cups and water bottles need to be maintained in the kitchen rather than left behind.

Personal space: Everyone needs their own area. This can be anywhere within a room. Personal space can be created anywhere, and the key is to have your “items” with you, so you have the key things you need. Accent pillows add extra plush and create different moods to the seating areas depending on the chairs. Adding candles to the rooms can also change the mood. Clear off countertops, disinfect often and use these as functional areas for your stuff. Put away what you aren’t always using.

For over 38 years, Perla Lichi Design has been a full-service Florida state-licensed professional interior designer and a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers. She has received more than 650 national and international awards for residential and commercial interior design projects, including 37 design awards in the 2015 Prism Best Awards from the Gold Coast Builders Association, and 30 design awards. She has published six coffee table books showcasing her extensive design work and offering design inspiration to people around the world.