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Oceanside Luxury Interior Design

There is nothing quite like living in the beautiful sun-drenched, South Florida. Homeowners of 1000 Ocean spent years in the Northeastern areas of Connecticut and Maryland, until they decided to make their way down to South Florida. Their first purchase is the home that they currently have resided in for the past 11 years. This original model home is a waterfront property that has not been designed by the homeowners until recently.

After living in the home for a substantial amount of time the owners decided it was time to make a change in the design of their master bedroom, bathroom, and closet. As the condo has an upfront view of the Atlantic Ocean and pristine Florida beaches, the owners wanted more from a design standpoint.

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While they interviewed five interior designers in South Florida, they selected one that met their standards and saw their vision – Perla Lichi, Founder of Perla Lichi Design to give their home a much-needed design remodel. Lichi resonated with what they wanted in their home and worked well in synch with the homeowners to make their contemporary coastal lifestyle flourish into something spectacular.

During the renovations, Lichi projected certain colors and textures throughout the design elements of the bathroom and bedroom. The colors that were focused on were based solely on the exterior environment. In this case being the sandy beaches, luscious green palm trees, and different shades of blues – from the Atlantic Ocean. This was creatively achieved by designing and integrating a glass mosaic floor insert which brings in the illusion of water on the floor as an extension of their ocean view. In the final renovations, you can see that hints of ocean blue and variants were placed sporadically throughout the home. By taking this approach, this properly transitioned “the master bedroom, closet, and bathroom,” said the homeowners, which was Lichi’s main objective to connect the full suite.

“Lichi projected certain colors and textures throughout the design elements of the bathroom and bedroom.”

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The main feature in the master bathroom design is the mosaic tile with the shades of blue. The abstract 15-foot, one of a kind accent wall is made out of Sici’s Italian handcrafted glass mosaic – creates a magnificent, dramatic feature wall, “Bringing in the Ocean into the room as an illusion is what brought in the magic,” says Lichi. “The wall was key – not only does it act as art but it connects the whole room space from far away – it pulls you in.” The idea was to have the art wall be an instant eye catcher since it is visible from the moment one walks into the master bathroom and through the dressing area.

As you walk through the master closet, Lichi created an island dressing table which serves as a transition between the master bathroom and the master bedroom and creates a cozy dressing space. The area also allows storage, function and light to go through the space. The design encompasses all colors of the bathroom while also adding earthtones to the mix. The space has an extra-large island with a gray marble slab, plenty of drawers & cabinets, and a blue glass chandelier, which resembles the sun. As Lichi ties in all of the colors, she focuses on the functionality and logistics of each space due to the limited size of the condo, and it allows light in the rooms from the bedroom through and through.

The finishing product proves Perla Lichi’s brilliance in the interior design realm. Homeowners of the residence thanked Lichi as they are “so satisfied and very happy.” Now the residents “can look out on the Ocean and feel it 360 degrees in this space!” As a “consummate professional,” Lichi once again went above & beyond to create a luxury interior design making the waterfront condo owners understand why being on the water is the only way to be in South Florida.

Perla Lichi is a Florida licensed professional interior designer, FL ID#1727. Perla Lichi Design is a full-service interior design company. For more information call Perla Lichi Design in Coral Springs, Florida, at 954-726-0899.