Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | The Color Green Rises With Popularity

The Color Green Rises With Popularity

The game of interior design has completely transformed over the past year. We used to be all about the grays, whites, and black monochromatic designs. Now, we are looking at splashes of color throughout the interior of a home.

As times have changed, Perla Lichi Interior Designer of Fort Lauderdale has incorporated splashes of color throughout the accents of her client’s homes. The color that has been of great popularity is green. Whether that be hints of emerald green, grass green, hawk green, the shades of green vary depending on choice. Eye-catching accent features include throw rugs, paintings, pillows, accent walls, and more.

Lichi experiments with green colors to create combinations of hues. Dark green shades or light green colors are difficult to ignore and are easy on the human eye. Green is also the color of nature transcending a calming feel when added to a room.

Green wall design interior
Another way green can be incorporated into a home is through accent walls. Wallpaper or paint can do the trick it just depends on the look the client is going for. Thus far, Lichi has added rugs, candles, throw pillows, and sculptures to the interior design of many homes. The outcome of her décor has led many clients to lean more towards a unique and funkier feel than the usual look – proving the year 2021 to be filled with all things green.
Perlalichi hall design