Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | The 4 Best Colours for Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are a major part of a home. You do start and end your day in the bedroom after all. It is the place where you could be yourself. It works as your rejuvenation centre, gym, media room and sometimes office too. Since you spend so much time in your bedroom, it becomes a part of you. Therefore, decorating your bedroom with a suitable colour becomes a lot more important.

The colour of your bedroom can influence your mood, sleep and health, thus making it an essential element of your living space. So, which colour do you choose? Let us help you with the selection! Here’s a list of four bedroom colours to consider that are among the favourites of the best interior designers of Toronto.

1) The Calming Blue

All the shades of blue are evergreen choices when it comes to the selection of bedroom colours. Be it the majestic royal blue or the calming sky blue, hues of this colour transforms your bedroom into a relaxing getaway. A blue bedroom has the power to take away all the stress that you experienced throughout the day. Interior designers recommend a tone of blue for your bedroom because it can induce sleep and bring positivity into your home. Complement it with white furniture or darker accessories for the best look.

2) The Sunny Yellow

Start your day on a brighter note by painting your bedroom yellow. This attractive addition to your relaxing space will make you feel more energetic and optimistic. Wooden furniture and accents add to the beauty of a yellow bedroom and make it look as if it came straight out of a magazine. Yellow stripes on a wall combined with white shades and hints of grey give it a much-needed wow factor. But, keep yourself from overdoing on the colour additions or else it might be too bright for you to sleep.

3) The Brilliant Green

Painting your bedroom with the colour green is the best way to give it a country style look. Pastel green, apple green and sea green are all great shades that make your room both relaxing and lively. Enhance your bedroom’s features with floral prints and wood elements to show off your sense of décor. If you want to give a softer appearance to your bedroom, then mint green will be the perfect option. You can combine it with whatever patterns you like and still make it a treat to your eyes.

4) The Charming Lavender

Lavender is an offbeat choice for your bedroom. But, lavender is more attractive than pink, yet more soothing than purple. This charming colour inspired by the beautiful orchid flowers is an excellent way of enhancing the mood and making the room look light and airy. Include some elements of black and white to make your lavender bedroom really stand out.

Transform your bedroom into a masterpiece by including the colours suggested by ace interior designers of Toronto. These shades are both interesting and appealing to accentuate an important space of your home and life. Take it from the experts and get a bedroom that’s unique and reflects your personality.