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High Ceilings Mean Large Wall Spaces

High Ceilings Mean Large Wall Spaces

 Many of today’s new homes are designed with beautiful architecture that includes very high ceilings. These rooms are blessed with wonderful architectural interest, but the homeowner or interior designer is then challenged to decorate the resulting large areas of wall...

A Career in Interior Design Is Possible!

If you’ve always wanted a career in interior design in South Florida, this may be a great time to get started. The Perla Lichi Institute offers a professional introduction to the interior design of luxury homes to those interested in joining the ranks of high end...

Qualities of Great Interior Designs

Qualities of Great Interior Designs “Like art, interior design speaks to each of us differently,” says Shane Inman, Houzz contributor and president and senior principal interior designer of The Inman Company. “For me great design comes from stepping outside of your...