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Summer is here in full force. It’s time for beach days littered with mimosa breaks, all the sun you can soak in, and cranking your AC up full blast. It’s time for living easy and living breezy. It’s also time for redesigning your home. That’s right, we’re talking about the hottest summer home décor trends! Keep reading to learn what’s in and what to avoid when it comes to 2019 home trends! 

Color, Color, Color


Colorful design almost always tops the list of summer home décor ideas, and this year is no different. Summer brings with it bright rays and your home should too! That doesn’t mean it has to be all yellows, whites, and pastels. You’re also going to want to add bright splashes of color. 

Starting with yellow, a rich golden yellow is great for accenting your walls. You don’t want to go overboard, but subtly incorporating shades of yellow is a sure way to say hello to summer. Think window trim and wall highlights.

Lavender and light purples are another great paint choice. You’ll want to pair these with something neutral, like a light gray or off-white cream, to get the right balance of energy — bonus points for matching a minty purple with 2019 home trends like floral patterns

summer home decor ideasMinimalist Design


There are a thousand and one ways to incorporate minimalist design into your home. We’re glad because going minimal is next up on our list of hot summer home décor trends. Minimal design is incredibly utilitarian, emphasizing negative space and simple, open design. 

Minimal 2019 house trends can be applied differently for each home, but the main idea is to carefully consider each object in each room. Ask yourself what it brings to the room. Does it need to be there? How would removing it change the feeling of the room? Because minimal design is so personalized, it’s a good idea to work with experienced South Florida interior designers to unlock its full potential. 

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable


Going green isn’t just good for the environment – though, of course, it is really good for the environment! – but it’s also one of the most popular summer home décor ideas. Incorporating eco-friendly designs into your house might sound overwhelming, but it’s incredibly simple to begin. Look for reclaimed wood furnishings, and use eco-friendly paints.  

Use energy-efficient light bulbs and fixtures, ENERGY STAR appliances, and bring plants indoors. For example, moss walls are gaining popularity, and don’t forget to make sure that your home has sufficient insulation. 

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