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south florida interior design trends


Are you curious about what trends are happening in South Florida homes these days? In this blog, we will discuss the hottest design trends occurring in South Florida, as well as how you can add these design aspects to your home. Here are five current South Florida interior design trends utilized in many beautiful homes today.

Create a Blend of Natural and Bold Colors


A popular trend seen in homes today, especially new custom-built homes in South Florida, is the combination of natural and bold colors. Many rooms will have a soft, neutral color on three of the walls while a bold, brighter color will be on the remaining wall. This contrast creates a stunning accent wall for the room, and it also gives the illusion of it being more spacious.

south Florida designUse Metals in Furniture and Décor Pieces 


Many tailor-made homes are employing custom-made furniture pieces. Customizing furniture provides you with the ability and freedom to design pieces that match your home, using whatever materials you desire. Metals are becoming more and more frequent in these types of furniture, as well as different types of décor.

Make Use of Different Texture Elements in Décor 


One element at the heart of interior décor and home styling for years is texture. Owners can create texture within home designs by using specific materials, such as woods and fabrics. Everything from carpets and rugs to furniture pieces and wall or ceiling designs can contribute to texture elements. Modern custom homes use texture in a variety of ways to compose unique and stunning looks.

Create Charm and Appeal with Collections


A quick and easy way to add a touch of charm and class to a home is by including a well-thought-out nook or collection area. This space can be something as simple as a bookshelf of bird-watching books and gear in the home of a bird lover or a corner with potted plants and gardening books for owners with a green thumb. These simple, yet practical, collection areas make a home feel warm and inviting rather than cold and lifeless.

modern interior design trendsEmbrace the Minimalist Home Design


The final trend in many South Florida homes these days is the move toward more minimalist home design. Open floor plans, little to no accessories and décor, and the mindset that everything in the home needs to serve a purpose are all components of this movement. Minimalist homes are straightforward and elegant. They are easy to maintain, and owners can personalize the design with a few handpicked accessory pieces.

Perla Lichi Knows and Creates Design Trends


Capitalizing on modern interior design trends is an integral part of creating a home that is perfect for you. If you need help integrating these design trends and coming up with new ideas for your home, contact an experienced and professional interior designer. Call Perla Lichi Design today at 954-726-0899 for a free consultation regarding your space, and we will create a stunning abode that incorporates current South Florida design and décor trends.