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When it comes to placing furniture in your living room, it is important to follow the basic tenants of good design. You want an arrangement that is well balanced and proportioned to the size of your room. Living rooms are often used for television viewing, reading, listening to music, and sometimes even casual dining. When planning the arrangement of your living room furniture, however, the conversation area is the most important consideration.

Bring furniture away from the walls to create an area that is ideal for intimate conversation. An angled or slightly curved sofa is more conducive to conversation than a long, straight one, although the long, straight one will certainly accommodate more people.

One way to achieve flexible seating arrangements in a living room is to use modular furniture. Modular sofas consist of two or three separate pieces that fit together. This can be arranged in a variety of ways, depending available space.

Soft, low-level lighting is ideal for your living room. It creates a feeling of intimacy to your conversation area. You do not want the area in semi-darkness because people need to see the features of the other people with whom they are conversing.

Finding the right wall space for a piano is often a challenge. An upright piano can be placed against a wall, but a grand piano will be more difficult to place in the average room due to its size. The curved side of a piano should always be toward the listeners and not facing a wall or corner. In a large room, a grand piano may be used as a room divider.

In the living room, most tables are placed where a functional need exists. Every seat in a room should have access to a side table. The scale, shape and height of each table should be right for the purpose and size of the chair or sofa that it accompanies. A good height for a coffee table is generally around 16 inches. Tables placed next to sofas and arm chairs should be the same height as the arm to avoid people knocking items off the table.

Large case furniture or wall units are usually located where they will add a feeling of balance. A combination of furniture heights within the room provides interest and helps balance architectural features such as columns, windows, doors and fireplaces.

Often pairs of furniture are used in the living room to give balance and pull together other unrelated furniture. A pair of chairs, for example, can create a conversational grouping whether placed side by side, on either side of a fireplace, or angled around a table. A pair of tables can be placed in front of your sofa instead of one larger coffee table. Pairs of lamps, candelabras or wall accessories are other options. But believe me, you don’t want carry this to the extreme because too many pairs in a room will be extremely boring and unimaginative!





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MARILYN – January 2018

Perla and her team pay great attention to detail. They are passionate and professional with their work. Perla is a patient and accommodating person. We commissioned them for our entire home. They have respected our timeline in doing the work. The pictures do not do justice to their work. It is even more beautiful than it appears in the photos. They make your dreams come true!

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I was referred by a patient to hire Perla Lichi for my new medical spa (Slim Health & Wellness) in Hallandale Beach, Florida. Perla was extremely easy and fun to work with. She understood the look I wanted and brought it to life! The compliments I receive when patients walk into the clinic are endless! My lobby area is a conversation starter with all the beautiful, unique pieces Perla has chosen. She is very reasonably priced and will work within your budget. She is so funny, patient, humble and kind. Seriously, 5 stars aren’t enough!

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RABBI B. – January 2018

Does very good work.

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Perla is an incredible talent! Reaching into her client’s mind and heart, turning it into art! A professional beyond reproach! And a pure joy to work with!


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Really unique designs. Perla is a joy to work with!

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I love her work! She is so talented and such a warm person! She really works within your budget. Will work with her again.

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