Today’s Kitchens are Really ‘Living Rooms’


The kitchen has become a hub for meeting and socializing in addition to its traditional function as the center of food preparation. Today’s kitchens are literally and figuratively the heart of the home. It’s not surprising that this area – where food preparation, serving, eating and other socializing takes place – has also become a central area for gathering together at different times of night and day.

Heart of the Home

In planning a home, keep in mind that the kitchen needs to be adjacent to the formal dining room, but also screened from its view. For obvious reasons, the kitchen should also be adjacent to the breakfast room, family room and pantry. It’s also practical for the kitchen to be near the garage or the door where groceries are brought into the home and garbage is carried out. The kitchen should not be part of a major traffic lane.

Lighting is an essential element in all interiors – but most especially in kitchens. Kitchens call for generous overall lighting for safety and efficiency. Ceiling, or surface-mounted fixtures such as recessed down lights or track lighting can provide adequate general light and eliminate shadows. It is also important to provide recessed or shielded lights over work areas and mounted under cabinets to illuminate counters.


Kitchen Cabinets

Another important consideration in planning your kitchen is efficient and adequate cabinet storage. There must be storage for different types of food, tableware and cleaning supplies. Where will you put small appliances, from coffee grinders, coffee makers and espresso machines to mixers, blenders and food processing equipment … and more. Storage should be planned so that countertops are not cluttered.

Making it Pretty

After the layout of the kitchen has been determined for maximum functionality, the designer turns to questions of aesthetics. At Perla Lichi Design we create the kitchen that is most appropriate for the home’s architectural design and the selected interior motif. Flooring, surface materials, wall colors and wall treatments are chosen to be harmonious with the rest of the home. The type of cabinetry and the finish are also decisions that flow from the overall concept.

The client’s individual taste and personality are emphasized in special areas of the kitchen, such as the choice of a custom backsplash or a specific style of stonework using mosaic, hand painted or customized ceramics.

Designers are bringing the strategies and philosophies that they use in the rest of the house into the kitchen, making it more and more like a living room. Kitchens are now social environment, a place specifically for entertaining, with plenty of space for mingling, eating and drinking.



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No words can adequately describe Perla’s talent. She is by far the best in the industry and her work speaks for itself. Perla designed my living room 15 years ago. When she presented me with the design, it literally took my breath away. The beauty of what she had designed was unparalleled and the quality is unsurpassed. Somehow Perla can determine exactly what her client will love. Here I am 15 years later and still gushing every time I enter my living room. It’s a feel good room and I sit in there to relax and de-stress. Thank you, Perla. Furthermore, Perla’s friendly and warm personality makes her easy to work with.

MARILYN – January 2018

Perla and her team pay great attention to detail. They are passionate and professional with their work. Perla is a patient and accommodating person. We commissioned them for our entire home. They have respected our timeline in doing the work. The pictures do not do justice to their work. It is even more beautiful than it appears in the photos. They make your dreams come true!

RESHMA KORETH – January 2013

Accolade Architecture and Construction Company has had the privilege to work with Perla Lichi on several projects and recently on a home located on Star Island, Miami Beach. Their attention to detail, great ideas, and team approach makes them one of the best Interior Design firms in Florida. Perla keeps pushing the boundaries of interior design. I highly recommend Perla Lichi Design.


Perla Lichi is absolutely amazing! She is high energy, passionate and a true professional. Her innovative designs and color selections are cutting edge. Her follow through and attention to detail far exceeds any interior decorator I have ever worked with. She truly is the BEST in the business. I highly recommend her and her design team. Thank you so much for helping me.

THERESA BROWN – July 2017 Houzz

OMG! I wish we could find more stars for Perla Lichi. She is simply amazing. She listens to your wants and needs and brings in unique ideas to create a very elegant and stunning! setting. We highly recommend Perla Lichi Design for your dream spaces. We love you, Perla.

KEVIN & BERNIE WIGGINS – December 2017

I was referred by a patient to hire Perla Lichi for my new medical spa (Slim Health & Wellness) in Hallandale Beach, Florida. Perla was extremely easy and fun to work with. She understood the look I wanted and brought it to life! The compliments I receive when patients walk into the clinic are endless! My lobby area is a conversation starter with all the beautiful, unique pieces Perla has chosen. She is very reasonably priced and will work within your budget. She is so funny, patient, humble and kind. Seriously, 5 stars aren’t enough!

KOZOUN – November 2017

I had a great experience with her, she transformed a synagogue to a beautiful, warm, cozy, homey palace. She has a talent. Everybody who walks into the building is amazed. She has an unbelievable talent to be able to bring out the warmth of a home, just amazing.

RABBI B. – January 2018

Does very good work.

ASSUDIN W. – February 2018

Perla is an incredible talent! Reaching into her client’s mind and heart, turning it into art! A professional beyond reproach! And a pure joy to work with!


Forget the rest, Perla’s the best. Passionate, creative and savvy!

MARTY CARRASCO – October 2017

Really unique designs. Perla is a joy to work with!

MARIA BARR – January 2018

I love her work! She is so talented and such a warm person! She really works within your budget. Will work with her again.

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