Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | Qualities of Great Interior Designs

Qualities of Great Interior Designs

“Like art, interior design speaks to each of us differently,” says Shane Inman, Houzz contributor and president and senior principal interior designer of The Inman Company. “For me great design comes from stepping outside of your comfort zone, mixing paints, textures and fabrics in unique ways. But for others great design is about simplicity, clean lines and modern furniture.”

Glamour, symmetry and contrast can all add interest to a room. Harmony, which Inman says can be achieved by using soft color tones and subtle Shabby Chic style, can make a guest room feel more welcoming.

Do you want to be bold, playful or, perhaps, cozy? “When treated like a jewel box, small rooms become cozy instead of cramped,” Inman noted on the Houzz website. He’s made rooms feel playful by adding colorful accessories and made bold statements with gold accents and painted ceilings. “Regardless of your style, interior design should have a personality.”

Personality is one thing that is never in short supply when high end housing designer Perla Lichi is involved in a project. Whether it is reflected in the sophistication of a taupe bedroom, the Florida décor of a waterfront luxury house interior or the custom marquetry installed in a Mediterranean Revival-style home. ###