Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | Qatar Magazine Features Perla’s Design Tips for 2016


Abode Magazine, a home furnishings magazine distributed in Qatar, UAE, featured an article by Perla Lichi in its latest issue. Entitled “A Budget-Friendly Update on the Look of Your Home,” the article gives three areas of interior design that Perla Lichi advises people to focus on that will freshen up their look.

“These are suggestions on how to update your interiors without breaking the bank,” says Perla. She first suggests dressing up your window treatments by adding a simple valance, a cornice board, or both—and coordinating the look throughout your main living areas.

Perla’s second suggestion is to add mirrors where appropriate. “Mirrors add beauty, make space appear larger, enhance light, brighten dark areas, and bring life into an otherwise drab room,” says the designer.

Perla’s third area—and likely the most popular—is her suggestion to update art and decorative accessories. “The goal with accessories is to complement the space, to solve problems, and to add visual interest.”