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Enjoy 200 color pages of amazing full-color interior design photography featuring the interior design work of the internationally renowned interior designer Perla Lichi.

“I am proud to say that my signature style is now sought after around the world. As my interior design practice has expanded internationally, I have designed homes for people from all walks of life — from the regular business person to the royal prince and princess. And one thing of which i am certain is this: every man and woman wants to be king and queen of their own place.

So my fourth book is dedicated to showing readers the gamut of possibilities for their own personal palace, and to help them visualize the magic and grandeur that is within their own reach. Design is in the details, and I love to layer on more and more sumptuous detailing. You will be able to see this detailing now, close up and personal, in every one of the ‘palaces’ that are featured.”