Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | Popular Kitchen Design Styles to Give Your Kitchen a Makeover

There was a time when no one really cared what their kitchen looked like, as its only purpose was to cook. Today’s kitchens are stylish, entertaining, practical and full of life. People care about their kitchens as they are now seen as a place that gives character to their home décor and displays the personality of the homeowner. From farmhouse to contemporary, there’s a variety of kitchen design themes that help homeowners create the kitchen of their dreams.

You can also get a dream kitchen by choosing a specific style. Here’s a list of popular kitchen design styles that you can consider to find the look that meets your expectations.


Coastal kitchens give the feel of a beach house thanks to its soft treatment. In this design style, soft hues of green, blue and pink along with white and light beige are used to create a kitchen inspired by the sea coasts. Wicker furniture and comfortable seating arrangement like an alfresco are included in the design to give a vacation-like feel to the décor. Sheers and plantation shutters are ideal for window treatments as they allow maximum sunlight to keep the kitchen bright and airy, just like a beach house. Accessories and backsplashes inspired by sea life such as shells, starfishes and sea waves add to the décor.


If you want to give a natural look to your kitchen, then a craftsman style is for you. Wooden furniture and flooring, handcrafted tiles, potted plants, outdated faucets and fixtures are some of the elements that define this style. It focuses on the use of natural materials and a simple arrangement. This type of kitchen is also ideal for homes that have a vintage décor.


Cottage style is the first choice when it comes to creating a cozy and comfortable kitchen. It gives a sense of ease to the kitchen decor, making it one of the most popular styles among homeowners. Soft colours, wood floors, comfortable arrangement, vintage hardware, colourful accents and offbeat collectibles, are the perfect elements to create a cottage style kitchen. You can use the addition of retro colours in the appliances, furniture and accessories for a finishing touch.


Farmhouse kitchens are warm, inviting, comfortable and functional. They recreate traditional kitchens found in family farms, giving a weekend getaway feel to the décor. Classic flooring, open shelving, primary colour accents, wide sinks, a big kitchen table and vintage fixtures are the common elements found in a farmhouse kitchen. Mixing and matching of colours, textures and accessories, work well in this style.


Get the magic and charm of the Mediterranean with a kitchen theme inspired by this bright region. Sun-dappled colours, copper utensils, stained wood floors, beamed ceilings, wooden cabinets, flared hoods and other timeworn elements are embraced in this beautiful design style. Handmade tiles with mosaic or terracotta backsplash give the much-needed natural, soothing touch to the kitchen. Rich tones of cobalt, russet and ochre, along with lively hues of blue and green, are commonly seen in a Mediterranean style kitchen. This design is all about accepting the beauty of a natural state.

These awesome kitchen design styles are beautiful, unique and functional. They have the power to transform your kitchen from dull to dashing, making it a focal point of your home décor. You can also get these super trendy kitchens at your home by hiring a luxury interior designer who can assist you with the planning and execution from start to the end.