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Perla Lichi Design by Verónica Guerra
One of Perla Lichi’s latest projects is a dazzling coastal luxurious condominium that invites visitors with its impeccably polished marble floors gleam*, reflecting the soft luminescence of the LED stretch ceiling overhead. The ceiling breathes its light subtly shifting and bouncing across the room, creating an ethereal ambiance that is ethereal even in the evenings when the city’s skyline glistens
in the darkness.

Gold accents highlight the entryway and guide the way to the living area. Perla Lichi’s panache for chic and stark sophistifuture minimalism creates a fresh and crisp atmosphere that feels airy. Playful combinations of light textures of varying warmth and coolness interplay with each other and contrast with the broad white surfaces that gleam brightly with sparkling highlights.

The living room’s off-white and soft gray leather sofas and chairs are meticulously chosen for their clean lines and luxurious materials. The plush sofas are upholstered in soft, neutral tones that invite relaxation, and stark blue accents echo the vibrancy of the coastal landscape. The white polished stone coffee table with marbleized textures makes a statement and centers the living area, inviting conversation with the backdrop of the endless blue horizon cresting in the distance.

Perla Lichi Design
As the kitchen is the heart of this home emanating delicate warmth with its fine woodgrain panelling and cabinetry. The countertops are monolithic slabs of polished marble that are as dense as the ocean is deep. These units are a blend of geometric form and sophistifuture flair that look majestic but are practical due to their exceptional durability and scratch resistance.

The stately master bedroom represents the zenith of sophistifuture design philosophy with its geometric accents and LED vaults. Magnificent silver dressers flank the sides of the king-sized mattress as a crystal chandelier looms above with its radiance. The chandelier’s incandescence refracts and reflects off the polished surfaces, making the stylish bed chambers sparkle like a diamond. Perla Lichi’s signature touches like the use of nesting by way of arranged fine pillows and strategically placed throws emphasize the comforting and inviting bed.

Along the chic corridor is the luxurious master bath where the marble slab motif continues. The walk-in shower mosaic patterns and marbleized textures complement each other creating a harmonious interplay between the patterns. This coastal haven, meticulously crafted by Perla Lichi, transcends residence; it is an experience. A testament to the harmonious interplay of light, texture, and material, it beckons those who seek a sanctuary that is both stylish and serene.