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Parkland Custom Estate Residence

Perla Lichi, the world-renowned multi-cultural designer based in Pompano Beach, Florida has designed a luxurious 7,500 sq. ft. Parkland custom estate residence featuring the ultra-modern color palate with over 50 shades of gray.

Each room has a different sense of the gray spectrum, with a touch of black and red some, but using gray combined with a variety of textured walls and fabrics creates a new dimension of color.

Starting from the “Great Room” where Lichi uses several tones of gray, she makes a statement to create a comfortable and warm space. “The room became a very casual yet elegant room. Very welcoming. I can’t think of another way to enjoy a great room,” says Perla Lichi, CEO of Perla Lichi Design.Since the estate has high ceilings and very wide space, it was important to take into consideration when choosing furniture for the great room we had to make the room feel comfortable yet fit the space properly. A sofa sectional was chosen which can comfortably seat up to 10, creating an Inviting and cozy atmosphere. Fabrics such as a soft chenille fabric added another dimension of warmth. From there, Club chairs provided height as they are 6.5’ high and considered as the king and queen chairs.
“Each room has a different sense of the gray spectrum, with a touch of black and red some, but using gray combined with a variety of textured walls and fabrics creates a new dimension of color. ”
Dining has become more casual today. Here’s the glimpse of the “Casual Dining” area. Since the estate owners didn’t want a formal dining room or breakfast room. They created a club seating area. This features Casual dining – café style. Lichi created a custom tea dining-height table with armless chairs. This space is for more than dining – but rather lounging and not a formal atmosphere. The casual dining area is great for family gatherings and a very open and inviting casual atmosphere.

A kitchen is always the heart and warmth of a home. This estate features a Custom Italian kitchen where all the features are touch-automated. With seamless lines, even the refrigerator has no handles plus includes a high-tech “touch and go”. The kitchen features an oversized Island with an extra thick double waterfall fabricated island with storage on both sides. Creates a chunky effect due to the oversized space. The Island becomes is the heart of the kitchen. The color Black was added to the gray spectrum for contrast since most areas are gray other than the stainless-steel appliances. Continuing with the seamless lines, the appliances are hidden in a small side door “garage” to keep the lines clean.

Taking it all in from the 360-degree Bar & Media room, whereby the homeowners experience lounging with a soffit that follows the shapes of the table height bar. The theme was motion – whimsical, round, friendly, comfortable, swirly and curvature with the arches on the back wall. The continuation flows with the custom “feature wall” and contrast LED light strips.

Just when we thought we’ve seen luxury streamlined, it all comes together within the Master Bedroom. This room is very spacious and focuses on serenity which was accomplished by including textures, a feature wall and additional shades of gray and metallic fishes. The furniture includes oversized custom night tables and geometric patterns and shapes to provide depth into the room. Since the only color
is grey, the textures and patterns gave another dimension to the room. “I like to use mirrors properly whenever there is a beautiful view to reflect,” says Lichi. “You don’t even realize there’s only one window, but it appears to be two.”

Before it’s all about gray, a new color enters the Master Bathroom – A spectacular room where Lichi introduced the
color – RED. The color of LOVE blends. “The power of love conquers ALL,” says Lichi. A backlit art wall was created featuring two red hearts over the window where light enters through the room. Aside from walk-in closets for traditional storage, Lichi added Cubbies with different shapes for display and storage of bathroom supplies and display items to carry through the geometric atmosphere.

About Perla Lichi Design

Perla Lichi has received more than 650 national and international awards for residential and commercial interior design projects. For more information on Instagram @PerlaLichi.