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LED Lights As Design

Adding LED lights to the interior and exterior home is one of the latest trends to hit the market. Whether you are looking to jazz up your room, make it brighter, or add some color pop effects- these lights can do it all.

LED lights have a multitude of benefits. They are higher quality lighting, last longer, have built-in heat prevention, range in hues, and are quite affordable. If Lichi’s client decides to take the easy router she provides them with LED strip lighting which is very simple to use due to its adhesive backing. The strip lights come in a range of hues that can change all with the click of a button.

To prove that the “wow” factor exists, Perla Lichi Luxury Interior Designer of Fort Lauderdale highlights the endless design options that will spruce up any room of the house. As the lights add dimension, design, and style they also function as great recessed lights, backlights, and spotlights.

Dinning room interior design
In the kitchen, adding LED lighting can show off your favorite glass wear while adding dimension and illuminating the area. In the bathroom, this type of lighting can be utilized as a form of overhead lighting especially above or around a vanity. In the living room, LED lighting can be incorporated into the ceiling fixtures.

These are just a few of the many innovative design ideas that Lichi has completed for her client’s homes. As noted the simplicity of the LED lighting is in fact the best way to improve a design element in a home and can be the design itself.

beutiful showroom design hall
Retro style bedroom interior