Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | Learn the Basics at the Perla Lichi Institute

Have you ever walked into an exquisitely decorated hotel lobby or envied the styling of a lush penthouse apartment from your favorite television show and wished you had a designers-eye to transform a basic room into such a posh setting?

If you have a fine eye for details, are a logical thinker and fancy yourself the creative type, you just might have a future as an interior designer. Interior designers/decorators are artists at heart and understand what it takes to pull a room together into a cohesive, beautiful and most importantly, functional space. Do you have the unique mind of an interior designer; the mind that is capable of sheer artistry combined with ultimate logic?

If so, take a private guided tour inside the world of professional interior design at the Perla Lichi Institute. In the world of high-end design, her name hardly needs an introduction. Ms. Lichi is a master designer and a major force in the luxury interiors international design community. She founded her own interior design firm in 1990 and today thrives in high-end residential interior design work, commercial design work, and model merchandising, with showro
oms in both Florida and Dubai.

At the Perla Lichi Institute, we don’t just teach interior design. We encourage each student to access and nurture their own natural sense of flair and creativity. We also teach a basic survey introduction of the technical and practical skills necessary to translate those design ideas into reality.

Nurture your potential and become the interior designer you were born to be with the help from Perla Lichi and her vast knowledge and experiences. Get started today on your very own design adventure!