Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | How to Introduce Bold Geometric Patterns to Your Interiors

Bold oversized geometric patterns are trending this year and are likely to continue growing more popular in design and home decor. They’re versatile and can be incorporated into several styles of interior decor to achieve an elegant yet dramatic look.

Do you want to make a bold statement in your home by using these geometric patterns?In today’s post, we’ve put together some of our favorite ideas of introducing bold geometric patterns in home decor. Take some inspiration and discuss with your interior designer to help you choose a style that fits your home.

  1. Wallpaper

From oversized circular patterns, triangular patterns to a combination of multiple patterns, wallpaper is an easy and simple way to work with this design trend. Circular patterns on colors like white, silver, grey or neutrals make a good choice to create an accent wall in any of your rooms. This pattern also works well in bathrooms.

If you want to experiment with bright colors and create a funky style for your interiors,multicolored triangular patterns are a good option to try. Consult your professional interior designer to determine the right color scheme and size of the pattern to match your home decor style. Wallpaper can also be used on the ceiling to make a unique style statement. Complementing your furniture, furnishing, and home accessories, you can ask your interior designer to work on custom geometric patterns.

  1. Home Accessories

One of the easiest ways to introduce geometric patterns to your interiors is to upgrade your home accessories such as cushions, throw pillows, blankets, curtains, and lampshades. You can choose some fun geometric patterns like cube print for the cushions, throw pillows, and blankets that match the existing color scheme of your room.

Curtains can also effectively transform the look of a space. Oversized geometric patterns in bright and bold colors work well with solid colored walls and furniture. For lampshades, you can go for tessellated patterns, geometric florals or abstract motifs. However, it’s very important to choose the right patterns for your room and only a professional interior designer can help you achieve the right look.

  1. Wall Art

If you want to introduce the trend to your home but don’t intend to continue with it for long, you should opt for an option that’s easy to replace in terms of time and money. Geometric wall art is an ideal home decor option to give this hot trend a try. Be it landscape-themed, animal-themed or food-themed, there are several varieties of wall art to choose from.

  1. Accent Piece

Another way to embrace this trend is to use it as accent pieces such as planters, lighting fixtures, and vases. A home interior designer can help you select the right materials for accent pieces to suit your decor style and determine the right locations to place them in your room.

 Here are only a few examples of how you can incorporate geometric patterns into your space. There are several other unique ways to include these patterns. However, note that if you use too many geometric patterns together, it’ll create a visual cluster. Hire a luxury residential interior designer to help you design your dream space.