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Perla Lichi – Translating your ideas into practical interior design in Sunny Isles


If you wish to recreate the interiors of your place, you need to go to an interior designer in Sunny Isles that has the reputation of creating magic with simple and affordable design elements. Perla Lichi is your perfect choice because the team led by Perla has the talent to transform the look of any place, big or small.

Expertise – We are undoubtedly one of the well-recognized interior design experts in Sunny Isles. After all, we have been in this industry since 1984. Years of experience has made us attentive to every last detail. Having competency in luxury commercial and residential interior design, we combine our seasoned experience with our academic knowledge for a beautiful transition of your house’s interior design in Sunny Isles.

Perfection – Perfection is what drives us! Yes, there is no scope of less than perfect work here at Perla Lichi. By perfection, we mean the deliverance of flawless quality of work – whether it is about comprehending your ideas or translating them on the drawing boards or using the best quality materials to implement the designs. We would like to reiterate that we have no room for average or less than excellence work here.

Sustainable – At Perla Lichi, we are committed to the environment as much as we are to our designs. True luxury home design in Sunny Isles, we are re-defining luxury as something that is completely blended with nature while enhancing the look and feel of your indoors. Be a part of our luxury and pioneering interior designing that puts comfort and elegance into your interiors by using eco-friendly and sustainable products, raw materials, and décor pieces.

Aesthetic beauty – Perla Lichi’s transitional luxury commercial or residential interior design in Sunny Isles is all about creating designs and concepts that are unparalleled, chic and modern, refined, minimalism and sophisticated, completely magical and delightful for your senses and the soul.

It is in the simple and the small things that we do that can completely transform the look of a place. From minute detailing to proper planning of the available space, there is a practical touch to every element that is used in your indoors to create impeccable looking interiors.

We believe in you living your dreams; this is the reason why we involve you from the beginning until the end of the entire residential and commercial interior designing and implementation process. Your ideas and thoughts – however idealistic or realism – is made a note of and incorporated during the brainstorming sessions so that you can claim complete ownership of the interiors of your home!