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Recent Social Media post from Perla Lichi. This is part of an on-going program to educate consumers about the benefits of using a professional interior design.

Fort Lauderdale, FL Almost everyone has questions about the interior design of their own home. This is especially true if your are focused on your home interiors and a remodel is in your present or future plans. “The best and most cost-effective solution is to consult with a design professional,” says Miami Home Interior Design Company CEO Perla Lichi, a Florida state licensed designer (License ID$1727) who has been designing award-winning interiors for more than 30 years.  “Most professional designers will sit with you to discuss your needs and offer some solutions. If you really like what you hear and decide to hire the design company, they will work with you on budget. They buy interior design products and services every day and their buying power will allow you to buy the best quality and to know when to invest in the best or substitute products that are less costly but do the same job. Their experience will help you avoid costly mistakes made by many homeowners. Choosing the wrong colors, for example, or the wrong material for the application. Taking incorrect measurements resulting in a shortage of flooring or wall tile. Miscalculating the time needed to complete each stage.

“The most cost effective way to achieve your goals is to let professionals do the job. If you take charge of your own project, select and purchase the materials yourself and hire the work done item by item using different trades, your home may come out splendidly. But, if it does not, then the only recourse you have is to swallow your pride and realize that perhaps you don’t know as much as you think you did about interior design. You’ll need to buy more materials, hire different contractors, and the job ends up costing you more than your budget. It makes sense to discuss your job with a true professional to avoid such costly mistakes.”

Perla Lichi has believed that a well educated public is her best client. She has given speeches, participated in seminars, and written article after article with the theme that “using a professional designer is the best way to achieve the ideal results for your home.”