We set the stage. You live the dream.


For altruistic interior designs in Palm Beach, Perla Lichi is there with you

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Your interior designer needs to be one who understands your dreams, thoughts and personality well because that is when she will be able to justice to the interior design elements of your place in Palm Beach.

At Perla Lichi, we come onboard as your close confidante and believe in working as your ally – because if the interiors of your home and office need to be inspirational and comfortable, we need to know you and your choices thoroughly.

Our strengths

Our love for designing and anything that is close to adding visual appeal to a place is endearing for us. In the search for creating flawless luxury home designs or commercial interior designs with attractive contours and elements, our interior designers give our hundred percent, round the clock, from beginning of the project till the end.

Our interactions with you may be professional but deep inside it is to know and unearth your choices and wishes. Our luxury residential and commercial interior design in Palm Beach revolves around your ideas and beliefs.  Taking this as a base, we start intricate work on defining each and every component of the design. Our interpretations and creativity are used to make the interior designs as practical and realistic as possible while ensuring that the aesthetic appeal is always intact and maintained.

Superfluous spaces are used futuristically; space utilization is given lots of importance; embedding the right colors, shapes and size are the fundamental focus points; maintaining an ergonomic flow throughout and ensuring that your interiors truly represent your personality – are but some of the focal points in our luxury interior designing endeavor.

Our weakness

This has to be our true and erudite love for perfection, beauty and creativity. In this context, our designed interiors are based on simplistic and minimalistic concepts. True beauty and stunning transitions are all that we are looking at, when we go about with our job.

Why us?

  • We have been part of this industry since 1984. This long a time has made us razor-sharp in interior design and home design profession.
  • Over the years, we have seen different technologies coming to the fore and we have evolved ourselves accordingly, in vogue with the requirements of the modern times.
  • Our luxury commercial and residential interior designers are some of the best in the industry in Miami. We all share a deep-founded love and fascination for everything that appeals to our eyes and senses.
  • We use the latest tools and state-of-art technology for vivid designing and minute detailing. We share the final drawings with the help of advanced computerized software that helps with effective visualization.