Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | Transition your Fort Lauderdale working and living space into a zone of true comfort with Perla Lichi

Transition your Fort Lauderdale working and living space into a zone of true comfort with Perla Lichi


The opportunity to transform the interiors of your place in Fort Lauderdale in simple yet true luxuriousness, is now available with you – for we, Perla Lichi Interior Design, are now right there to advise and execute flawless commercial and residential interior design at Fort Lauderdale.

How are we distinct from other interior design firms in your city?

  • We have a team of designers with diversified areas of expertise. Be it a residential or a commercial space, you will find the best of both worlds here.
  • With expertise, our team has the professional competency and experience to deliver best results in the fastest possible time.
  • We use the latest tools in the field of interior designing to help achieve your dream of desired interiors.

How we work?

  • Our aim is to first meet you face-to-face to create an amicable understanding – for we work as your partner rather than simply your vendor.
  • The meeting can happen at your place or our office. While at your place, we are able to see upfront the site, at our place, you will be able to go through our previous work, samples of our luxury interior design in Fort Lauderdale and other cities, interior photography, Yacht interior design and more.
  • We understand the floor plans and start the work of creating customized floors, ceilings and walls.
  • After this, we proceed ahead with planning and designing of furniture with custom built-in fixtures and accessories. The object is to use the available space within your homes and offices to design bespoke items and accessories to do up your place.
  • With aestheticism and visual appeal at the core of our designing, we also ensure ergonomic designs with focus on effective space utilization.
  • Finally, in order to seek your approval, we use state-of-art tools and computerized software systems to produce three-dimensional representations of the drawings. These luxury home design and commercial interior design representations are produced as images and videos and shown to you so that you are able to visualize your new interiors effectually.

At Perla Lichi, great emphasis is laid on practical and futuristic designs with maximal utilization of space, incorporating maximal functional aspects while creating a genuine haven for your mind and body. Check out our latest home interior design, Yacht interior design and more.

Having been in the field for more than three decades now, we understand how important it is for your surrounding- your interiors to be positive and enthusiastic, upbeat and comfortable.

We transform your interiors meaningfully with superlative interior design in Fort Lauderdale.