Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | How to Decorate Your Home Like the A-List Miami Interior Designers

Be it glamorous homes with 10 bedrooms or the five-star hotels with amazing decorations, Miami is the most happening place in the world. It’s the city of art, beauty and luxury, showcased effortlessly in its infrastructure. This city is designed for high-standard living and the credit for decorating this place so marvellously goes to its interior designers.

If you dream of decorating your home like a pro but don’t have the budget to hire someone, then we have the solution. Here’s a guide to help you renovate your home like an A-list Miami interior designer.

Choose an Apt Colour Scheme

Colours play a vital role in transforming your home from dull to dashing and vice versa. Therefore, choosing an exceptional colour scheme is necessary. Simply painting the wall with a random colour and buying pretty pieces of furniture is not the way interior designers work. Consider your surrounding and climatic conditions and settle for the tones that complement your living. For instance, if you live in a beach house, incorporate white and various shades of blue in the décor whereas if you live in a cottage house, then rustic colours such as brown, creamy white and sandy beige are the perfect choices.

Mix Several Textures

The best way to add depth to any space is to mix a variety of textures. Include several materials in one place to create contrast and give a versatile appearance to the décor. Mix metal with wood, cotton with velvet, solid with patterned to get the lustrous look. You can add textures and use different materials with the help of accents such as throw pillows, rugs and cushions. Add variation by using varying colours along with different textures to make the setup more eye-catching.

Add a Statement Piece

Every room needs a bold statement piece to anchor other decorative elements. Whether it’s a bright-coloured sofa in a room with neutral hues or a uniquely-shaped centrepiece on the dining table, a focal point is necessary to balance the interiors of a room. Instead of spending money on a number of expensive furniture pieces, invest in one attractive piece and put it in the front for a display to make a statement.

Look for Symmetry

The reason Miami interior designers are so good at their work is that they challenge traditional design rules. Miami area designer Perla Lichi, ASID, cautions, however, that “achieving a professional look is not as easy as it looks.” Pulling everything together at the same time, making sure all of the different elements have the proper scale and proportion – these are aspects of interior design that a professional designer will have spent years studying and perfecting their craft. Add this design education background to years of experience designing homes, and you can understand how professional designers achieve a finished, professional look. “Measuring and accurate space planning are more important than the color of your sofa,” emphasizes Lichi.

Application of these golden rules is key, and with care, you should be able to achieve a great look! But without a doubt, the surest way to get a professional look and avoid costly mistakes is to hire a professional interior designer.