Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | How to Decorate Empty Corners

There it is—that pesky empty corner you just don’t know what to do with. Should you put chairs? A small table and chairs? A console? Maybe some free-standing artwork or decorative accessories? The correct answer is: all of them. Use your imagination to turn any corner into a warm and appealing and functional part of your room. Any arrangement should be planned to achieve balance. To establish a sense of equilibrium and repose and comfort. Balance is achieved by mixing opposites: high and low, large and small. Combine textures, patterns, shapes and colors.

Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | How to Decorate Empty CornersBright colors, heavy textures, unusual shapes, bold patterns and strong lighting attract attention and can be used to achieve balance within any space.
Of course, your empty corner should be designed to flow with the style of your home. Depending on the space, decide if you will use symmetrical or asymmetrical design.

Symmetrical means equally arranged on either side of an imaginary line through the middle. This is a safe direction, if your empty corner allows it. Asymmetrical requires more thought and imagination. Both sides of the space will not be identical but should be visually balanced. For example, two small objects may be used to balance one large item on the opposite side.

Another critical decision for your empty corner is lighting. If the area is large enough, you may want to add reading light. If smaller temporary seating is selected or no seating, then soft lighting or lighting to accent art and other objects to create dramatic effects is appropriate. It depends entirely on the size and function of the space.

Almost every home interior presents problem areas that seem impossible to decorate. Correctly proportioned groupings created from small tables, chairs, art, greenery and accessories almost always come to the rescue.

Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | How to Decorate Empty Corners
Here are five fabulous ways to fill those empty corners in your home:

Create a mini seating group in your empty corner. Select furniture that is in proportion to the space. Add a vase, accessories or a floral on the table for visual interest.

Nothing takes advantage of a problem space like custom built-in furniture. This can be a corner unit or one that flows around a curved wall. Your built-in can be any height, or floor to ceiling. It can include shelving for display, closed cabinets for storage, or even a cantilevered table for added functionality.

A long narrow table or console is often the perfect furniture for a small space. The wall above the console begs for a tall mirror, framed artwork, or a tapestry.

A small desk or table and one or two ottomans is another flexible way to turn an empty space into a functional corner. You can re-arrange these items until you achieve just the right plan for your home.

Add life to your empty corner by placing a tall tree in a beautiful container—ceramic, woven, or glass. The greenery can be further enhanced with up-lighting to draw attention to your formerly empty corner.

Interior designers like Perla Lichi can help identify problem areas unique to your home décor, and come up with unique solutions, just for you.