Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | High Ceilings Mean Large Wall Spaces

 Many of today’s new homes are designed with beautiful architecture that includes very high ceilings. These rooms are blessed with wonderful architectural interest, but the homeowner or interior designer is then challenged to decorate the resulting large areas of wall space.

And believe me, this can be a challenge because most decorative items—including framed artwork—are usually not large enough to fill such large problem spaces adequately. To transform these wide-open spaces into warm and inviting wall areas is a constant challenge for our design firm.

At Perla Lichi Design, we apply a variety of solutions. Some to consider:


An obvious solution is to hang large pieces of artwork, wall sculptures or mirrors. You can create the illusion of a large piece of art by combining three or four smaller identical or similar pieces into one large arrangement.

If your large wall space includes windows, then custom designed window treatments will further enhance your décor. The introduction of floor to ceiling draperies made of luxurious flowing silk fabrics in contrasting color will add dimension and texture to your room.


Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | High Ceilings Mean Large Wall SpacesCustom built-in furniture that has been individually crafted for each room is another ideal technique and introduces very flexible and unique space planning solutions for these problem areas. We have created floor to ceiling units that incorporate room for audio and video equipment, display shelves and storage. Such large built-ins require careful planning so that they look like a natural extension of the room. It’s important to have the right dimensions. Built-ins can be further enhanced with custom finishes and either applied or hand carved detailing.


Another solution for spacious wall areas is to create large rectangles or squares with decorative molding. The inside can be faux painted with a special effect such as marbling and artwork can be hung within the frame. We like this look when it is used on either side of a fireplace, but it is equally effective on any high wall. Moldings should not exceed three inches wide. Flat chair rail molding is a good choice for this purpose. Embossed moldings are more decorative, but they tend to lose a lot of their fine details when they are painted. Give the moldings a light faux finish or stain them. With such finishes, deeply carved moldings show their design better and have more of a visual impact.


Large tapestries and wall hangings provide another very effective decorative solution for individual walls. Rods with decorative finials will add a more finished look to your tapestries.

Unique ceiling treatments are essential in almost all large volume rooms for their contribution to the overall aesthetic and to incorporate overhead lighting. Your wall enhancements should always blend with your ceiling treatments for a cohesive look.