We set the stage. You live the dream.



Whether your vision is simple and understated or glamourous and over the top, rest assured thath Perla Lichi and her team at Perla Lichi Design will bring a space to life with a creative, inspired touch.

By: Jessica Hall

Perla Lichi is not known for going strictly by the book or for a one-style-fits-all approach. The South Florida based interior designer and her team have elevated the art of interior decoration and design. Their clients enjoy every inch of their space, knowing it is original and one-of-a-kind. For nearly four decades, they have brought dreams to life. And those visions have to come to fruition in and impressive array of high-end residential and commercial projects from coast to coast, including this recent completion of a complete overhaul of an iconic luxury condominium residence in vibrant Fort Lauderdale.

“It´s important to embrace today´s home canvas, which has become our personal sanctuary for family, friends, work, and even simple reflection,” says Perla Lichi, CEO of Perla Lichi Design. Inspired by the many unique city design elements, Lichi captures every essence of light throughout different times of the day, from sunrises to sunsets, in this newly designed luxury apartment.

Amid the contemporary space, Lichi ties in architectural elements with touches of color and opulence and the client´s personal artwork and heirlooms.

Strong elements of lighting are placed to complement the modern residence´s clean white foundation. The creative patterned wallpaper design in the foyer sets the stage for splashes of color with a variety of pop art, accesories, and interior dooor insets. Grey-white tones and plush fabrics throughout provide warmth.

The venturesome thread that runs through Lichi resonates in yet another creative, one-of-a-kind custom residence. Another completed project added to their versatile portfolio, which has received more than 650 national and international awards.