We set the stage. You live the dream.


For your dream houses, you need an interior designer who can offer incredible and impressive designs; a designer who is flexible and open to understand your passions and inspirations and imbibe the same in her interior design. Your comfort is of the greatest essence. A true designer should be able to keep this fact at the centre of all her interior designs in Florida.

At Perla Lichi, we are proud of the fact that we keep your luxury and comfort close to our heart, be at the designing stage, or the implementation phase. Perla Lichi has been part of the interior designing industry for the last thirty years and more. Thus, we know the entire gamut of interior designing, helping our customers realize their dream of living in their house of your choice and liking.

We love anything visually appealing and aesthetically impressive. It could be a simple non-entity or an expensive piece of luxurious items. We love designs, concepts, items, and models that are innately attractive, soothing the mind, body, and the soul of the onlooker.

Choose Perla Lichi as your interior designer for luxury home design because we have been successfully delivering projects that are perfect examples of creating the right sync between dreams and realism. While we focus on aesthetic appeal, the spotlight is also on maximal use of space and realistic designing so that your interiors look elaborate and expansive; never failing to impress you day and night.

From optimized use of colors to intricate designing, from combining futuristic comforts with ergonomic use of space, you know that your interiors are the in the best of hands when we work as your Florida interior designer. Seamless, smooth, and picture-perfect interior design is what you get in the bargain when you speak to our team of experienced creative interior designers.

Our love for beauty and perfection is our fuel, driving us to keep accomplishing the best designs for your homes and offices. Being a true believer in the power of pure designing fundamentals and concepts, we have also empowered ourselves to use the most advanced tools and techniques of the modern-day designing world to create amazing pieces of work in the indoors of your homes. Whether it is new construction or a tasteful renovation, with Perla Lichi you can fulfill your luxurious interior aims with flawless speed and amazing delivery.