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Perla Lichi has been designing luxury residential and commercial interiors since 1984, around Florida, around the USA, and around the world. Perla Lichi Design Firm provides a uniquely intelligent approach to each interior with results tailored to meet each client’s exacting requirements in budget. We will transform your unique interior design vision into a reality, from concept to installation in South Florida areas. We apply tried and true professional design practices with our genuine love of design. Together with my experienced, skilled, multilingual interior designers team, I design in any interior style of your choosing. We realize that people everywhere want beautiful, functional interiors that set the stage for each individual lifestyle and a comfortable, gorgeous background for living to be enjoyed with family and friends in South Florida and nearby areas.

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Luxury Interior Design in Florida

From concept to reality, we set the stage, you live the dream.

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Interior Design

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2019

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Luxury Home Designs In Fort Lauderdale From Perla Lichi Designs

Luxury Home Designs In Fort Lauderdale From Perla Lichi Designs

Constructing a new home or remodeling the old one, we all desire to live in the place of our dreams. A dream house in Fort Lauderdale is one that has functional space utilization, impressive interior design in Fort Lauderdale, and an ambiance that syncs with the design ideas and aspirations of the homeowner. For luxury interior design in Fort Lauderdale, you certainly need to speak to someone driven by a passion for impeccable designs, simple yet elegant, aesthetic yet realistic!

Perla Lichi Designs, an interior design firm in Florida

Perla Lichi Designs, an interior design firm in Florida

Perla Lichi Designs is one of the leading interior designers in South Florida, with a myriad of concepts and aesthetic beauties that transform your place dramatically. We request you to express your ideas and concepts when interacting with the highly qualified and talented team. With vivid experience in the field of luxury residential interior design in Fort Lauderdale and unmatched versatility, you will know you are speaking to the best people in the business when you meet our team.

We transform your home with luxury home designs in Fort Lauderdale. That is a promise that we come with as your luxury interior designers in South Florida.

We are connected with the best local talent

We are connected with the best local talent

The interior design in Fort Lauderdale can be seamlessly executed only when there is a strong network of contractors and sub-contractors. To fulfill our obligations of luxury residential interior designs in Fort Lauderdale, we work with acclaimed and credible local suppliers, architects, luxury interior decorators in South Florida, and others; we are committed to offering the best in the world experience our clients. Being one of the most respected interior design firms in Florida, we come on board your project to help your dream of a luxury home come true. In this regard, we ensure top-quality materials at the best prices, garnered from trusted local sources so that our clients never need to go overboard for impeccable luxury home designs in Fort Lauderdale.

Perfection in trivial and simple things

Perfection in trivial and simple things

When life is never flawlessly perfect, we try our best to deliver perfection in every minute thing we do for our clients, be it luxury interior designs in South Florida, home décor, visual appeal, or more. It is your choice and decision that we work with, incorporating elements from your ideas in a realistic and minimalist manner because grandeur is not always about expensive and flashy items. When you entrust the work of luxury interior decorations in South Florida to our firm, you can expect seamless connectivity and synched elements in your interior décor and design with functional use of space and impressive visual delights.

Perla Lichi Designs is a well-acknowledged name in South Florida, known for uber-luxurious home designs, delivered immaculate perfection.

Perla Lichi – a pioneering interior decorator in South Florida

Perla Lichi – a pioneering interior decorator in South Florida

Your living space should reflect your individualism and personality. We also know that your space has to be functional and have a realistic interpretation of your ideas of comfortable luxurious living space. This is where you need seasoned interior decorators in South Florida who can truly understand your heart’s desire and give wings to the concepts, literally!

Perla Lichi is one of the most favored interior designers in South Florida because of her exquisite knowledge of this art, which is so close to her heart. Having been a part of the industry for almost three-and-a-half decades, her growth as one of the top interior design firms in Florida has been seamless and unequaled. All this is because of her relentless passion and enthusiasm to deliver the finest quality of designs and concepts.

Experience and talent

Experience and talent

Your designs – At Perla Lichi, we firmly believe that you should be surrounded by your inspirations, aspirations, ideas, concepts, and thoughts. This is why we work unswervingly to seek out your interpretations and understand what you want from your interiors. After all, your definition of comfort and luxury is your own and not what a designer has to say or a book of designing. Perla Lichi’s team starts their work by comprehending your views and outlook towards comfort and beauty. We then infuse practicality and functionality into the design to give it life and meaning.

Love for aesthetic beauty – Your interiors need to be cleanly made and finished with finesse. There has to be clarity and precision – there has to be realism blended with an ergonomic flow so that there is maximal utilization of the indoor space. But, in all this, we never lose focus on beauty and aesthetic value. Concepts and designing that touches the heart and fills you with amazement – we love such plans and designs.