Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | Designing modern home comfort in Boca Raton

Designing modern home comfort in Boca Raton

Designing modern home comfort in boca ratòn

Grey Matters at Home

Designed by: Perla Lichi Design

Living in a home which uses the natural light and lushly landscaped and poolside backdrops can be one of the most picturesque ways to design a home in the City of Boca Raton. For this reason, Perla Lichi used her magic touch of choosing colors such as grey, subtle blue and white hues with white recessed LED lights along with mixed rugs and accent pillows to framed colors within each room’s view.

Features such as captivating modern lights and LED accent recessed lighting highlights the living room/family room (great room) which compliments the comfortable great room design. Throughout the floor space, grey porcelain tile floors keep the look neutral and clean.

Since the great room is adjacent to the larger center piece kitchen — are all captured in one view, Lichi basis her design stemming from the main living area with a grey and white hues as the foundation. This also extends naturally to the kitchen and dining areas with the breakfast nook and the dining area which is set off to the side. The living room features an inviting pale grey sofa with subtle accents of blue in the large area rug. She added accessories to enhance the room and cozy throw rugs for additional textures. Topping off the dining nook area features an elegant whimsical yet modern lighting fixture.

Designing modern home comfort in boca ratòn
Designing modern home comfort in boca ratòn

The outdoor view and lighting provides a cast of natural color as a backdrop with lushly landscaped trees peek through the high ceiling windows. This is where function and ultimate design meet simplicity.
Within the all-white kitchen, the barstools use a grey seat back to compliment the white and grey kitchen. Lichi adds a decorative grey panel feature on the lower bar mixed with a white cabinetry to enhance the kitchen design.

Enter the Master Bedroom as Lichi continues with the color palate flow of white, grey and patterned grey wallpaper with grey as the main focus from the bedding, throw rugs, accent pillows. With the uniquely angled room, all furniture is sleek to maximize the space.

Leaving no details left behind with the Lichi touch, all areas of the home including guest bedroom and home office with grey as the main footprint. Each room uses recessed lighting and the skylight lighting to create the perfect blend of comfort and ambiance.

About Perla Lichi Design
Perla Lichi is known as today’s best “multicultural designer, ”focuses on designing each residence uniquely – one-of-akind rather than sticking to a standard style. For over 40 years, Perla Lichi Design is a full-service Florida State-licensed professional interior designer, and a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Perla Lichi Design is known to create spaces based on individual style. Perla Lichi works individually and personally with clients in order to design the ideal space. Their versatile portfolio includes a wide range of contemporary/modern, classic, traditional and transitional design. Perla Lichi has received more than 650 national and international awards for residential and commercial interior design projects.