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Designing a contemporary modern Luxury hi -Rise Condo
Living in the center of South Florida’s busy East Fort Lauderdale has many unique city design elements to embrace outdoor elements such as the clear view of the natural lighting, sunrises and sunsets along with tying in the neighboring luxury towers and city landmarks.

The luxury condo located at the 101 E. Las Olas condominium allows Perla LIchi to capture every essence of light throughout different times of the day. “It’s important to embrace today’s home canvas which has become our personal sanctuary for family, friends, work and even simple reflection,” says Perla Lichi, CEO of South Florida-based, Perla Lichi Design. Amid the contemporary space Lichi ties in
architectural elements with touches of color and opulence, which tie your home with a timeless approach including personal artwork, heirlooms and memories.

Designing a contemporary modern Luxury hi -Rise Condo
Designing a contemporary modern Luxury hi -Rise Condo
This magnificent condominium designed by Perla Lichi Design is a contemporary modern residence with a clean white foundation from walls, floors, kitchen, dining and bathroom. The clean white space allows strong elements of lighting to compliment the foundation, Additionally, a creative patterned wall paper design is featured at luxury home’s foyer setting the stage for splashes of color with a variety of pop art, accessories and interior door insets.

Creating a comfort-style feeling with grey-white tones and plush fabrics are used throughout the living room, family room and bedrooms. Additionally, the bathrooms and dining area also follow the grey and white tones to compliment the overall furnishings throughout the home.

Lichi focuses on designing each residence uniquely – oneof-a-kind rather than sticking to a standard style. For over 38 years, Perla Lichi Design is a full-service Florida State-licensed professional interior designer, and a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Perla Lichi Design is known to create spaces based on individual style. Perla Lichi works individually and personally with clients in order to design the ideal space.

Their versatile portfolio includes a wide range of contemporary/modern, classic, traditional and transitional design. Perla Lichi has received more than 650 national and international awards for residential and commercial interior design projects.