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Desiging glamour from the top

Las Olas Downtown Penthouse Condo

Living at the top can provide one of the most spectacular city backdrops when living in a penthouse condo. With a tremendous view of both the city, sunrise and sunset, it’s important to create a glamorous yet cozy sky-like atmosphere as you enter the home. For this reason, Perla Lichi used her magic touch of choosing colors such as grey, blue and white hues with white light, a mix of silver metals along with a main blue color palate mixed with the rugs and accent pillows to framed colors within the sky view.

Features such as captivating modern lights and LED accent lighting along with a blue “Sici” glass backlit wall provides a living room center art focus of blue and white to compliment the comfortable city living design. Throughout the floor space, grey porcelain tile floors keep the look neutral and clean.

Since the living room, dining room and kitchen are all captured in one view, Lichi basis her design stemming from the main living area with a grey, white and blue hues as the foundation. This also extends naturally to the kitchen and dining room. The living room features an inviting pale grey sofa with accents of blue in the large area rug. She adds both metal and glass accessories to enhance the two main statement artwork walls and cozy grey throw rugs. Topping off the living room features an elegant whimsical yet modern lighting fixture.

Desiging glamour from the top
Desiging glamour from the top
The dining area, adjacent to the living area features an ultra-modern glass chandelier and a circular decorative wall mirror fixed upon a pale blue wall. Blue glass and silver metal accessories enhance the dining area along with modern artwork. The outdoor view and lighting provides a cast of natural color as a backdrop to the glass and metal base dining room table with alluring ultra-modern white seating.

This is where function and ultimate design meet simplicity. Within the all-white kitchen, the barstools use a white seat back to compliment the white elements and the metal with glass lighting pendants. Lichi adds a decorative grey panel feature on the lower bar mixed with a white cabinetry to enhance the kitchen design. Enter the Master Bedroom as Lichi continues with the color palate flow of mostly white, grey and silver metals featuring a glamorous elegant chandelier with white and grey as the main focus from the bedding, throw rugs, accent pillows, wall paper and sheer white curtains to frame the floor-toceiling windows. With the room, an oversized textured white chair provides a seating area to enjoy the picturesque city view.

Leaving no details left behind with the Lichi touch, all areas of the home including the city view home office, which is a departure from the main color scheme with patterned brown and tan chairs. The core piece features a black marble desk with a metal base along with a white desk chair. The room includes a frameless modern wall white canvas with three men in black suits with a hint of grey, red and blue.