Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | Decorative Use of Mosaic in Modern Luxury Interiors

rust mosaic wall in pass through wall to kitchen

Mosaics are small, usually square, pieces of ceramic, stone or glass set in an artistic design. Small pieces or squares all in the same color tone can also be used to create a plain textured background wall, floor or ceiling. The mosaic technique has been used since ancient times, so it’s really not a trend. Mosaic is popular in today’s modern luxury homes interior design.

Mosaic has been used in decorating home interiors – and exteriors – since the fourth century BC in Macedonia. It later began to be used in Christian art, on church walls and in the floors. Many Islamic traditions use mosaic techniques to create complicated geometric patterns for tables in their places of worship. The Greeks and Romans used mosaics in their homes. There are also examples from the Mayas and the Aztecs of South and Central America.

But mosaic has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years. At Perla Lichi Design, we are constantly discovering interesting new applications appropriate for our high end residential interior design projects. While many people prefer mosaic to give the look and feel of the ancient world, now there are also artisans who adapt it to contemporary design using materials such as glass, marble and metal (stainless steel, for example), and utilizing more modern designs.

Antoni Gaudi, the famous Catalonian Architect (1852-1926) left behind some amazing mosaic work all over Barcelona, Spain, especially in Park Güell. He created the world’s largest park bench completely covered in broken tile.

Mosaic is used today in the same ways it was used throughout history: for floors and walls or wall murals; for borders and ceilings. Kitchens, bathrooms, patio flooring and counter tops are other common applications. Small decorative objects such as trays, vases, boxes and small tables can also be enhanced with this age-old embellishment.

outdoor residential swimming pool with unique mosaic design

Mosaic tile kitchen back splashes are also attracting a lot of attention in today’s residential interiors. Since this is where food and grease splatter easily when we are cooking, having a mosaic tile back splash makes the cleaning job very easy. Even the simplest of kitchens can be greatly enhanced with a well-designed mosaic. A beautifully designed mosaic back splash creates a wonderful focal point for your kitchen.

A painted wall becomes a whole with no further thought to the material that created it. With mosaic, each separate piece or building block is itself as an aesthetic entity. This is why unique natural stones are desired the material selected for mosaic creations.

When used as the walls of a foyer or lobby, a field of mosaic provides the perfect textured backdrop on which to display art and accessories. Special lighting highlights the texture and focuses on the individual beautify of each stone.

From timeless Roman mosaic designs to Gaudi-influenced mosaics or contemporary styles and patterns, mosaic also transforms interiors or gardens, patios and balconies. Mosaic swimming pools are very popular today. Whatever the mosaic work, it can add an elegant feature to the modern luxury interiors of your home or business.