Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | Create a Calm and Relaxing Bedroom

Your bedroom is a safe haven, an oasis, that special place you go to relax, unwind and clear your head. Your bedroom should be a place where you linger and relax, after all, it is the place where you start and end your day each day. Besides a soft spot to lay your head, your bedroom should be a spot of peace and tranquility, with that ambiance achieved through the use of color, furnishings and decor.

Consider these tips to transform your bedroom from just another room in the house into a sacred space.

Rethink the Paint Color – Soothing whites, beiges, and pale grays are a calm and cool palette.

Embrace Minimalism – Apply a “less is more” approach to wall decor as well as furnishings.  Choose one or two pieces of art for one wall and leave the rest alone.

Best Bed Ever – There is nothing better than sinking into a cozy comfortable bed, so spring for the pillow top mattress, down comforter or feather bed.

Get the Right Light – It’s a multi-step process that involves accent lighting, including sconces and table lamps, overhead lighting, such as a chandelier, and the right window treatments to adequately block out daylight.

Make it a Technology-Free Zone – When it comes to television in the bedroom, don’t do it. Check Facebook or catch up on your favorite TV show in the living room, not the bedroom.

Surround Yourself with Comfort – Don’t skimp on the finishing touches, whether it’s a solid night stand, a plush area rug, a cozy reading chair, family photos or a lavender scented candle.

A good night’s sleep is an essential element of a healthy lifestyle. There are endless ways to decorate a bedroom, but the room should above all encourage relaxation and sleep. Working with Miami home interior design company, Perla Lichi Luxury is the first step in creating that beautiful bedroom oasis.