Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | Chabads, Synagogues, Places of Worship

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Perla Lichi Design has been lauded for creating spaces that have “serene spiritual energy which radiates the holiness of the Torah. “She has evolved spiritually from designing houses to designing houses for God.” She creates a perfect reflection of each congregation’s sacred faith.

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Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | Chabads, Synagogues, Places of Worship

Is your congregation longing for a new place of worship, an upgrade or a complete remodel of your interiors?

Do you have a dream, a vision, and need help turning this dream into reality? Do you need a logical plan to help you accomplish your goal in stages over the next several years? Do you need a gorgeous, professional presentation that captures the essence of your dream? A presentation that will excite your entire congregation to begin fund-raising for this project?

The designer you are looking for is Perla Lichi of Perla Lichi Design in Pompano Beach, Florida. Perla has completed projects just like yours. She has the experience. She has photos of completed projects in classic and modern styles. She has the 3-D renderings that will enable your congregation to see end results before the actual installation even begins. She has recommendations of other congregations. She has the passion. And, she is currently accepting new commissions.


After designing people’s personal spaces for 38 years, Perla Lichi’s own spiritual journey has led her to the transformation and creation of extraordinary places of worship.

Several years ago, Perla helped her own congregation renovate several areas of the Synagogue. Word of mouth led to other renovations and new construction projects. This gifted designer melds her extraordinary creativity with each congregation’s unique vision for their place of worship.

Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | Chabads, Synagogues, Places of Worship
A vase table design

“We get involved from the beginning stages with leaders and Rabbis”

We work with each congregation to fully understand their goals and dreams. We provide professional photos of our previous work and professional presentation boards. People are very visual, and when people in the congregation can visualize the finished results, they get very excited about the possibilities … and they want to be part of it; want to help make the dreams come true.

“Working with Perla and her entire team [Chabad of Parkland, FL] was an amazing experience! Perla’s creative vision from the floor to ceiling is incredible. She worked with our architect and builder and delivered on time and on budget! Highly recommend!”

Rabbi Shuey Biston

“We are experts at budgeting to fit your congregation’s needs and means. We are experts at creating presentations so that people will see the vision and be inspired to want to worship in such a beautiful house of prayer.”


“We work with the builder from the ground up and we are not limited by time. We understand that these projects are dependent on donations. We are experts at getting the best quality at the best prices from our local, national, and world-wide vendor sources.”

Perla’s creations carry deep spiritual meaning. For the new Chabad of Parkland, Florida, Perla created a glamorous and modern look the congregation wanted. The soothing color palette combines different shades of blues, greys, silvers, whites and ivories. For the Chabad of West Boca Raton, she created a classical look in carved woods with rich detailing. Stained glass windows in the lobby depict the twelve tribes of Israel. Each tribe is named on the glass. Insets at either end of the marble flooring represent the Lions of Judah, which are also depicted on the custom wooden doors leading into the sanctuary.


Perla Lichi Design has been lauded for creating awesome spaces that have “serene spiritual energy which radiates the holiness of the Torah.”

After meeting with the congregation, the Rabbis and their wives, and others in the community, Perla Lichi’s team goes to work designing original interiors. They insure that when entering each place of worship, one enjoys a true sense of arrival. Modern LED lighting insures that the different rooms including the sanctuary can be brightened or dimmed depending on the time of day and desired ambiance, whether for regular services or special occasions.

Pompano Showroom


Most Chabads want to incorporate a feature wall honoring Rabbi Menacham Mendel Schneerson (1902-1994). Rabbi Shneerson is one of the most influential Jewish leaders of the 20th Century and the last Lubavitcher Rebbe. He is widely recognized as the force behind the global advancement of the Chabad movement. A daily prayer chapel is another standard feature.

The focal point of each sanctuary is the holy ark or Aron Hakodesh, where Torah Scrolls are kept. Perla Lichi Design creates an original concept that blends with the style of each new interior.

Carpeting, decorative light fixtures, racks to store tallits (fringed shawls), and many custom details are customized to meet the needs of each congregation.

Our goal is always to achieve fresh, glamorous, beautiful yet timeless interior design that incorporates today’s innovative technology, all the while making a universal and timeless spiritual statement. By blending materials, colors, textures, shapes and sizes, lightness and brightness, sparkle and shine, richness and simplicity, we work closely with each place of worship to create a perfect reflection of the congregation’s sacred faith.”

Boca Raton hall Design


Sacred Creations by Perla Lichi
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Chabad of Parkland • Completed 2020

Chabad of West Boca • Completed 2018

770 Moshiach Center • Ground breaking on 11 Nisan 5780

Chabad of Royal Palm Beach / Ongoing project