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Bathroom is your zen space

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The bathroom is an essential part of a home. As it continues to not get the appreciation it deserves, Perla Lichi Luxury Interior Designer of Fort Lauderdale is here to break down the focal points and motivations behind modeling your bathroom to perfection.

For all homeowners, the bathroom is more than a room in a house, it is a safe space. An area that is there for you when you need a place to withdraw from the stresses of the day. Whether that is jumping into a hot shower or relaxing in a bathtub these functional yet aesthetically pleasing pieces of a bathroom are essential.

A bathroom holds the power of your hours ahead. It is the only room that you start and end your day in. The key aspects of a bathroom are the décor, wallpaper, lighting, flooring, and architectural design of the showers, vanity, and bathtubs.

Consider the overall design of your bedroom to make it coherent with that of your bathroom. Neutral colors are soothing and can make space look larger. Darker colors deepen the space and create dimension. You can use accessories as accent pieces and add a hint of color.

Wallpaper can be used to replace paint and can highlight the room. There is a vast array of choices replicating backdrops, patterns, and designs. The flooring in a bathroom can add elegance. Granite, marble, and laminate are a few of the options. It solely depends on the budget you are trying to maintain.

The vanity space can be minimal or extreme depending on the needs of a person. Larger vanities call for more organization space and countertop. Thankfully, there are endless options.

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One of the most crucial parts of your bathroom is the shower and bathtub. These deserve the most attention. A large shower with a clear glass enclosure is a great option. You can also add hand showers, rain showerheads, and more. The bathtub choices range from small to large, one person to two-person or even jacuzzi styled. This is when the cost comes into play as bathtubs can be considered fixtures of art.

When it comes to lighting, the fixtures must complement the overall décor of the space. You can find fixtures in all shapes and sizes. The hue of the lightbulb can be either warm or bright. Brighter light gives a larger effect, especially when getting ready for the day ahead or a night out on the town.

To achieve a flawless bathroom model or remodel, contact Perla Lichi Designs for all your needs.