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At Home Office

The instant the coronavirus pandemic struck, companies were forced to send their employees to work remotely from home. To ensure that the corporate world was able to stand on its own two feet, employees were given access to all the proper tools. The one bump in the road was figuring out the perfect setup for an at home office. While we got used to working from our bedside, it soon became apparent that at home offices were an essential for the greater good.

As remote work orders continue to be in place, professional interior designer Perla Lichi highlights the most important aspects of a home office space to make getting through a workday a bit easier.

Separation: Creating a closed off space for your home office will constrain you from working outside of work hours. To feel like you are always on the clock is not going to benefit your work-life balance. There is no need to feel pressured to work absurd hours unless need be.

Privacy: There are endless distractions at home. By separating yourself from the rest of the home it will let you complete work distraction-free.

Distractions: Keep TV, magazines, books out of the office space reach. Any item that will deter you from focusing on your work is a recipe for disaster in the office. Maintain a noticeable boundary between daily life and work.

Layout: Ensure you keep everything you’d need for a productive workday in reach. Sticking to a simplistic setup will set you up for success. Making certain that you can find all things necessary while on the job.

Cleanliness: When your workspace is free of clutter, your mind will think clearly. To declutter, put away any item that you are not using. Finding organizing tools can aid in clearing your area. Filing cabinets, decorative baskets and sectioned holders are just a few of the functional items one should invest in. Organizing and decluttering will also lead to more space when in small quarters.

Lighting: When you set up a home office, find a room that will provide you with the most lighting. If you sit in a dark room, there is a greater chance that both your mood and focus will be negatively affected. The brighter the room, the smaller the possibility of falling asleep on the job.

Comfort: Invest in a comfortable chair. Sitting for 40+ hours a week is unpleasant when comfort is not considered.

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