Lauderhill-based landmark synagogue breaks ground in April 2020 on Inverrary Blvd.

LAUDERHILL, FL (March 10, 2020) –The historic landmark of the future 770 Moshiach Center synagogue has announced the appointment of Perla Lichi Design to oversee the full interior design for both interior and exterior of the Moshiach Center, a core synagogue for the Jewish Community which prides itself on outreach programs to further educate and strengthen the Jewish Heritage religious principles, plans to break ground in April 2020.

“Our new Lauderhill center based in the suburbs of Ft. Lauderdale on Inverrary Blvd. will provide the Jewish Community with an active focus on strengthening the message in South Florida,” says Mordechai Anati (Rabbi Motty). The new building which synchronizes with the birthday of the 7th generation Lubavitch Rabbis, which is the beloved Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, known as “The Rebbe.”

The new Lubavitch headquarters building is based on an architectural replica of the original Crown Heights, New York’s 770 Eastern Parkway Building where “The Rebbe” made his worldly mark to share the faith of his ancestors and past generations from the Ukraine. Rabbi Motty shares the passion that “The Rebbe” inspired all over the world as there are now more that 5,000 emissaries and their families active in over 85 countries with over 1,200 acting as Moshiach Centers.” Chabad Lubavitch is the fastest and largest growing Jewish organization.

“Rabbi Mordechai Anati (Rabbi Motty) has opened my eyes to see this project as more than just a building – but one with life and energy beyond description,” says Perla Lichi, founder of Perla Lichi Design. “His passion for this project matches my passion for design in creating the right atmosphere that makes the environment flow with the purpose of center.” As the historical landmark building undergoes construction, the style of the interiors will be a state of the art design, to meet today’s and future needs, as far as space planning, and to maximize the space in order to facilitate the needs of the center. Mostly the center is used for learning, and for services, and it will also have male and female Mikvahs. It will be designed not only with the versatility that the space requires, but the style and the comfort that will relate to the community.

As a Synagogue Interior Design Specialist, Lichi says that every synagogue should reflect the soul of each congregation, The Soul of the Rabbi, as the people live their everyday life and enjoy the moments in this building, they will feel the sense of peace, excitement and joy. This theory for interior design will showcase those emotions all at once.

To accomplish the right formula and proper design planning within the walls of this historical landmark, the proper use and balance of textures and materials will be utilized. Most importantly as well, the scale and proportion in all the interior architectural details will be achieved as the design detail will have a sense of meaning, a certain symbolism as the structure as a whole structure is symbolic.

“Designing a synagogue is not just a random design, where a designer can just do so without understanding the heart and soul of the of the building’s purpose and function of each space. Incorporating balance with Feng Shui is utilized on the complete layout and planning of the space, then carried within the proper materials selected, and the principle of the design elements to be properly integrated within project. Home is where the Chabad is for many people, therefore, as the Interior Designer, it is very important to me to accomplish a home-like feel within the space from the moment you walk inside,” says Lichi.

About Perla Lichi Design

For over 38 years, Perla Lichi Design is a full-service Florida State-licensed professional interior designer, ID #1727, and a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Perla​ Lichi has received more than 650 national and international awards for residential and commercial interior design projects, including 37 design awards in the 2015 Prism Best Awards from the Gold Coast Builders Association (GCBA); and 30 design awards, many with perfect scores. Her work has been widely publicized around the world in print and online magazines, newspapers and on television. Perla Lichi has published six coffee table books showcasing her extensive design work and offering design inspiration to people around the world.