Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | 6 Interior Design Trends That Will Dominate in 2018

We have said goodbye to 2017 and welcomed in the start of 2018. Whether it’s your life or your home; the New Year presents an opportunity for self-improvement and to try new styles. Why not start with your home?

Welcome the new year by trying a home makeover inspired by the latest home design trends of 2018. Some high-end residential interior designers worldwide have made their predictions of different design elements that will dominate this year. Let’s have a look.

1) Curved Furniture

The professionals believe that 2018 is the time to embrace softer edges and a lush appeal. That’s why, curved furniture combined with a pinch of pigment in fabrics such as orange, deep green and ochre are likely to be the design rock stars this year. Curvaceous additions in the form of round cushions, circular sofas, and sloped mirrors are the inspiring pieces of furniture to beautify your home interiors.

2) Floral Chandeliers

Witness the birth of floral chandeliers and include them in your dinner party or special events as décor elements. Unique, yet trendy, this one-of-its-kind trend is predicted to replace the famous flower walls loved by many on Instagram. This notable design element is created by combining fresh, seasonal flowers with foliage and threading them together to form a blooming chandelier.

3) Dark-Coloured Kitchens

People want a change from white-on-white kitchens. It’s time to experiment with dark colours and make your kitchen space livelier and more inviting. Navy, black, dark grey and dark chocolate are some of the tones to consider. Wooden textures with lighter stains are the new trendsetters to bring life to your kitchen.

4) Statement Ceilings

2018 will be the year to embrace novelty and look for other areas to design. Homeowners will move from walls and floors to otherwise untouched ceilings with the emphasis being on transforming them into statement pieces. Patterned, eye-catching ceilings are the new inclusions.

5) Wall Art

Wall art and artworks are the additions that bring character to any space. A mini art gallery or family photographs in the form of a collage is the best way to incorporate this trend into your home. Wallpapers instead of artwork is also a great way of saying goodbye to bare walls and welcoming art into your home.

6) Maximalism

The most offbeat design trend forecast is shifting from minimalism to maximalism. Luxury residential interior designers believe that 2018 will be more about homeowners expressing themselves through their home décor. Contrasting prints and patterns, bold statement pieces and not-so-traditional additions will be the hottest things in the New Year.

Hire a high-end residential interior designer and transform your home according to the upcoming trends of 2018. If you have a personalised design in your mind, then let your designer work on it right away. After all, it’s your space, decorate it the way you want.