Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | 6 Creative Ways to Embrace Celestial Trend in Your Home Décor

Embracing the beauty of the moon, stars and galaxies is the latest trend followed by ace home interior designers to create an out of the world décor. The celestial design trend is taking the world by storm because of its offbeat appeal and chic treatment of furniture and furnishings.

This inspiring trend is like a dream come true for sci-fi lovers. It gives you the opportunity to experience the beauty of the night skies in the comfort of your home. You can use this hot interior design trend to give your home a cosmic touch. Interested? If so, then consult your interior designer and follow these 6 creative ways to incorporate the celestial trend into your home décor.

starry night sky in the ceiling treatment

Caption: Interior Designer Perla Lichi, who often uses astrology and numerology to help her better understand her client’s design dreams, added a starry night sky to the ceiling design of this home theater for an estate home in Kenya.

1) A Starry Ceiling

Get a starry night view when you go to bed by painting your ceiling like the night sky. Contact a professional and give a milky-way look to your ceiling with a combination of colours such as dark blue, black, white, etc. Glow-in-the-dark paints are also available that can create patches of stars on your ceiling. Gaze upon those stars at night and give a sparkling look to your bedroom.

2) Full Moon Wall Murals

A giant full moon mural on the wall is sure to give you a feeling of free-floating in space. Add this mural to your study room or home office and complement it with furniture pieces of contrasting colours and textures like a brick-coloured, velvet sofa or recliner. This will add interest to your living space and make an otherwise dull study room more appealing.

3) Cosmic Throw Pillows

Throw pillows with your astronomical sign on the pillow covers are an excellent way of taking the celestial décor to the next level. Make the most of this décor idea by choosing couple throw pillows with you and your partner’s favourite constellation on the cover. You’ll surely get some cosmic dreams at night while sleeping on those space-inspired pillows.

4) String Lights

Give a twinkling look to a cosy room in your home by adding several strands of string lights. These enchanting lights illuminate the room and give a heavenly appearance. Hang string lights either from one wall to another by covering the entire ceiling or add them to your bed’s headboard to experience how a pleasant sleep in outer-space feels like.

5) A Star-Filled Gallery Wall

Dedicate a wall in your living room to the beauty of stars by adding sunburst mirrors or other vintage-inspired mirrors and mixed metal accessories to the wall. It will give your room a glittering effect and act as a focal point for your living room.

6) Solar System Chandeliers

Bring the entire solar system to your room by installing a metallic chandelier with nine planets in an orbit. This light fixture is hard to find so contact your interior designer to help you with the selection or get it custom-made. This addition will definitely give an X-factor to your home décor and create a luminous space to bring the best of the celestial trend to your interiors.

Celestial décor is a stellar interior design theme that gives a sparkle to your living space. It brings plants, stars, galaxies and constellations to your home and makes the décor more playful and exciting. If you want to get a celestial-themed home with the above-mentioned décor elements, hire a luxury interior designer with an extensive experience in a variety of décor styles.