Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | 5 Tips on How to Achieve Timeless Design with Classic Decor

Experienced and worldly people everywhere often choose to surround themselves with the timelessness and elegance of classic interiors. Their large homes are the perfect canvas on which an experienced interior designer can paint their classical visions. These clients have traveled the world and experienced the warm ambiance of the finest hotels in Miami, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, New York, Paris, Rome, London, Monaco, etc. They have toured the splendor of royal residences of the past such as The Palace of Versailles and The Hermitage.

“From the first day we met until my clients moved in, the entire process was a joy. While the residence exudes Old World charm, it definitely has all the New World panache that anyone could want.”

Perla Lichi, ASID, is one of few interior designers with a rich portfolio of classic palatial homes. Perla has designed homes around the world from Star Island in Miami to Doha in Qatar. She created many luxury villas in Dubai UAE and a royal palace in Guyana. Perla Lichi has developed a repertoire of palatial interior design that will take your breath away. And now, she is sharing her experiences with the world. Here are five tips for a timeless design based on her experience around the world.

Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | 5 Tips on How to Achieve Timeless Design with Classic Decor


Modern Lighting.


Modern lighting for classical palatial interior design

Lighting is one area where classic calls for modern. (Modern technology, that is.) Many older homes, and especially classic home from the past, do not have enough lighting sources.

Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | 5 Tips on How to Achieve Timeless Design with Classic Decor


A variety of light sources is required in any style of design. Sufficient sources include directed lighting down from the ceiling, wall sconces, floor and table lamp, and so forth. Exquisite chandeliers made of fine crystal or well-worked metal and enhancements of gold and silver are the icing on the cake. The landing at the top of a grand stairway would not be complete without such a grand chandelier.


Timeless Furniture.


timeless furniture in an interior design done by Perla Lichi


True classic interior design calls for quality solid wood upholstered furniture. The highest level of a palatial design requires hand-carved frames created by experienced artisans and ancient techniques such as marquetry. Use of the finest materials throughout are hallmarks of quality classic design. The style of all products including furniture depends almost entirely on the overall interior plan. For the French style, one would go with styles inspired by the French kings!


Neutral Colors.


Timeless dinner table for a classical palatial design home interior


True timeless classical design calls for a neutral background. Fine classic furnishings stand out on their own against a neutral palette. Warm shades of red and green in drapery and upholstery selections work well in cooler climates. Perla adds gold, silver and bronze metallics to furniture frames, moldings, ceilings and elsewhere when it is appropriate in her design process.


Custom Cabinetry.


Custom cabinetry in a ball room to strengthen the classical interior design


Interior designers use custom cabinetry in every room. Each piece is custom-fitted to the space. Three-dimensional renderings bring the pieces to life for careful inspection and improvement. Once the drawings and renderings are approved, skilled cabinetmakers go to work building and installing their magnificent creations. The timeless beauty of finishes and detailing complete the look.

Client’s Art & Furnishings.


incorporating our clients drawings or paintings into a classical design


Blending each client’s classic furnishings, art and collectibles into their new interiors is an important part of creating palatial design. The antique silk carpet, the signed Renoir, the collection of crystal. Rarely will an interior design project of this magnitude require all new furnishings. Respecting the client’s wishes to include these beloved items is an important part of every interior project.


Want to hire Perla Lichi to turn your home into a classical palace?


She applies sound design principles to each project because she knows: “Every man and woman wants to live in their own palace.”


Perla Lichi working her magic on a classical design


Perla Lichi is one of few interior designers who has created palatial estate homes. Her work includes residences from 10,000 to 30,000 square feet. Call Jennifer at 954-726-0899 to schedule a phone or in-person consultation.