Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | 5 Renovation Projects to Add Value to Your Home

Home improvements are the perfect way to increase your property’s value. It is not only a profitable investment but also a great addition to transforming your living space into a comfortable paradise. Many homeowners take on renovation projects to get maximum return on their investment at the time of resale or to keep their home updated according to the latest interior design trends.

If you’re planning to give a new look to your home to increase its resale value, then here are 5 renovation projects to undertake.

1) Kitchen

Kitchen remodelling is one of the most profitable renovation projects to make your home trendier and more livable. People prefer buying homes with bigger kitchens and modern appliances; therefore, you should try doing the same. Invest in a kitchen island and include energy-efficient appliances, trendy glass countertops, storage cabinets, chic flooring and stylish fixtures. Hire a high-end interior designer to give your kitchen some character while upgrading so that it doesn’t look like just another kitchen. From shabby chic to contemporary, your interior designer can help you with the creation of a dream kitchen with a style of its own.

2) Landscape

Your home’s curb appeal plays a vital role in upping the value of your property. Make upgrades to your landscape and see the difference it makes in changing your home’s appearance. Fresh paint, a variety of plants, mowed grass and neatly paved pathways are some of the excellent additions to increase your home’s value. If you have extra space in your backyard, then consider decorating it as an extra room by adding a gazebo or some patio furniture. This is definitely a profitable home improvement and allows for a more luxurious lifestyle as you can spend your free time relaxing in your backyard or garden area.

3) Bathroom

One of those parts of the house that goes through a lot of wear and tear is the bathroom due to its regular use. A bathroom upgrade is necessary to increase the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the house. Apply a fresh coat of paint, go for wall-mounted lights, re-glaze the bathtub and give a spa-like feel to your bathroom with trendy fixtures. If you’re not happy with the current bathroom, then plan for a new one. You can contact a luxury interior designer, who can take care of this renovation project while coordinating with the builder to create a bathroom which is both functionally and aesthetically pleasing.

4) Attic

This is the most creative renovation project on the list. If you have an attic in your house, then the best way to utilize it is by converting it into a bedroom. You’ll get another room in your home without extending the square footage of your property. You can use the attic bedroom as a guest room, a media room or a study room as it is quite detached from the rest of the house and acts as a cosy corner to relax in. When it comes time to sell your property, this extra room will surely add to the value.

5) Basement

Finished basements are one thing that impresses every homebuyer. When remodelled, a basement can be transformed into a bar, an entertainment area, a second kitchen or a dining area. It adds to the living space and gives an edge to your home compared to other homes using their basements for storage. But, make sure that you fix the flooding problems before starting the renovation.

These renovation projects are great for increasing the functionality of your home and enhancing its value. If you want these projects to be completed well, then hire a well-known interior designer. He/she can accompany you with both design and implementation to create luxury home interiors worth investing.