Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | 5 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Front Door for Christmas

Christmas is here! From accessorising your Christmas tree to hanging string lights on the windows, the holiday season is filled with a lot of décor tasks. But, apart from turning your home into a holiday getaway from the inside, its also necessary to make it more inviting from the outside. Accentuating your front door is the best way to do so.

When it comes to decorating your front door, people stick to traditional Christmas wreath. But in this creative age, thinking-outside-the-box is essential to stand out. Welcome your guests with something unique by trying these 5 innovative ideas.

1) A Picture Frame

Hanging a picture frame instead of a wreath is an excellent idea to surprise your guests with your creativity. Find an old picture frame (with some detailing and textures) and paint it in a festive colour such as red, green, ice blue or gold. Adorn it with complementing ornaments and ribbons for a festive touch. Make sure that the colour of your picture frame is in contrast to your front door.

picture frame

2) A Christmas Character

This idea works best with an all-white or all-red front door. If you have an all white front door, transform it into a snowman to celebrate the snowy weather in a unique way. Two big circular cutouts (black) for the eyes, one conical cut out (red) for the nose and a few small black cut-outs for buttons. Divide the door with a patterned piece of paper to form the shape of snowman’s waist. Another Christmas character to bring to your home is your favourite Santa Claus. If you have an all red door, a few add-ons can turn it into something memorable. Here’s the tutorial.

3) A Sled

Add a rustic charm to your front door by hanging a sled. A vintage sled will bring in drama and symbolize the holiday season creatively. Pair it with some sleigh bells and a ribbon for a complete look. If you don’t have a sled, you can buy it from a yard sale or flea market. Make sure that you buy a small sled to cover less than half part of your front door.

4) A Family Monogram

Give a customized look to your front door while you welcome your guests to the holiday party. A family monogram with your name’s initials is a fresh take on traditional front door decoration. You can get your name’s initials crafted on a wood board or plyboard in the font of your choice. Adorn it with red ribbons while keeping the monogram in white to match the style of holiday décor. Another way is to turn your initials into a wreath by sticking ornaments and faux berries on a cardboard cut-out.

5) Mittens and Pinecones

A pair of mittens is the not-so-traditional item to hang on your front door. It not only gives an extraordinary appearance to your home’s entrance but also adds a cosy touch signifying the cold weather. Use white mittens and fill them with pinecones or branches of conifer trees to magnify their beauty with Christmas greenery. You can simply stick to pinecones as well by hanging them with the help of a pink ribbon.

These unique ways to decorate your front door this holiday season are sure to impress your guests with your interior designing skills. These fresh décor items will not only boost your home’s Christmas décor but also make your house the showstopper of your street. Take out your DIY kit and start implementing these ideas.